UNITEDBASE Winter Cup 2022 Stats & Awards

Data analysis has always fascinated me. I believe it is the present and the future with all the big data available in every sector. It has become extremely popular in professional sports in the last few decades, especially in the major leagues where teams have a group of data scientists analyzing various advanced statistics on players and opponents before games or before signing multi-million-dollar contracts with them.

Statistics can be deceptive, however; it’s only worth studying if we combine them with the “eye test” and only one statistic counts at the end of the games – the rounds and maps won. Karma’s memorable 1v2 clutch in this Cup is much more valuable to his team than Snurk’s 3k in the Grand Final, while TcfC players were trying to take him down on Tigertown so he would not have a secondary weapon in the next round. And yet in our stats, even though Karma won a round for Fatality, he only gained 2 kills while Snurk 3.

This is just one example of why it’s a mistake to look only at stats, but still, it usually gives a clear picture to understand why teams or players performed the way they did in this Cup. Kudos to Snurk who has been collecting the data after every game for Cups. Let us find out together who performed best in this Cup and who won what award!

As you probably know, we always start our stat breakdown with the players who played the most rounds. Sugoii6 and Fatality were the teams with the most rounds and Gerlo, Xrated and Dietchi all played 465 rounds of their games, which was the most in this Cup. With quick math skills, we can easily calculate that this adds up to almost 20 maps played for the full length of 24 rounds. Congrats to the most reliable players to always show up for their games.

Next, we’ve one of my favorite statistics. The death rate per round, which shows you how hard it’s on average to kill a player. It’s a very underrated number, but in general the players in this list are the ones who stay alive in crucial situations for their team and since their numbers are low, they most likely solve the problem with a high success rate. After the last Cup I mentioned that DPR around 0,5 is generally a top number based on previous cups, but this time no one even came close and that’s because the quality of the Cup has also increased. Many of the players are regular on this list, like Tjeebi, Lime, Cartz or Snurk.

Your absolute favorite is the KPR or kills per round. Be honest, which stat do you look at first in the results channel? The fewest deaths? Absolutely not! The popularity is also related to the fact that the game lists the killing machines at the top, not the ones with the best KDR.

And as usual, Lime is at the top of this category, oh damn, wait a minute… Don tops the list ahead of Karma and Hatcheri, who’re all above the 0,9 line, which is an exceptional achievement, but Xrated has also squeezed himself ahead of the Hungarian while carrying his newly formed sugoii6 team to the podium. The average of the top 10 has dropped compared to previous cups, which again shows how much tighter the competition was this time in the A playoffs.

Being at the top of the KDR list is the most important indicator that you’d a good competition. You’d balanced performances, it was hard to kill you, and you also delivered on the other half of the court by killing many opponents. If you want to end up on this list, you can’t afford too many off days or meltdowns either, because in a tight race in the stats, just one bad map can set you back significantly and you won’t necessarily be able to fight your way back.

Lime, the former MVP, delivered again in this Cup, leaving everyone behind with a top performance in the Grand Final. It’s worth noting that we’ve many players on the list of the Cup winners – TcfC -, which shows how balanced the Hungarian team was. Messy and Karma are the two players who improved the most compared to the last Cup, and both made it to our list. Congrats gents.

It’s worth noting that from the KPR list 8 out of 11 players made it to the KDR list, while from the DPR list only 6 out of 12 did. In this cup it seems like it was more valuable to kill or the top killers also took good care of their own lives, I guess it’s a mix of both, only Karma’s DPR is relatively high compared to the other guys.

In the past, you’ve always been curious about the top performances in the playoffs, not just the overall stats. I want to start by highlighting 3 top players from the B playoffs because they deserve the spotlight too. Epixor, skz, and windje put up insane numbers on the scoreboard. They all finished above 1,0 KPR, which means on average they killed an opponent every round. Let that sink in. Who can forget the battle between Epixor and skz on Railyard? That’s one of the best moments of this Cup. If only Floppy had played more rounds, he’d be on this list too, but I need to mention here that in every statistic we highlight only players who played at least 50% of their teams’ total rounds. Congratulations, guys, and we’d love to see you (back) in the A playoffs.

In the A playoffs, many regulars are in the top 10, and this time Don is ahead of the pack. The Dutch player isn’t only one of the deadliest copy-pasta machines in the streams, but also became one of the best players in the game. Spoiler alert: His team’s performance and lack of games against Tier 1 teams may have had a big impact on why you might not see him in the MVP or All-Star conversation, but you’ll have to wait a bit to find out. Tjeebi and Lime are such fixtures on the podium that you don’t even notice their names on the list anymore, and Hatcheri is always there too if he’s the capacity to play a Cup. Let’s not forget Prm, who got a lot of funny (or not funny) comments in previous Cups because everyone knew what he was capable of, but his numbers weren’t always up there. Well, in this playoff he shut us all up and reclaimed his place at the top. I value playoff performances the most so hats off to all the players in this list.

The top 10 of the overall cup is basically quite similar, all the players are the same, only Norberto and Prm are missing. They’d a bit rougher start in the group stage, or maybe they play better under higher pressure, but all in all there are no big changes.

Before we hand out the awards let’s check the overall team statistics. You can see below the data and a matrix with the teams compared to each other related to the KPR and KDR. We can see that the 3 of the top 4 in stats were the Tier 1 teams, so well done by the admin team predicting to have balanced groups. Also the bottom 4 are the teams who were competing in the B playoffs, so even having matches against each other they were not able to boost their stats enough. Stats don’t lie?

 Fatality had more games against Tier 1 teams that can be a reason how they ended up behind a team that they knocked out. The two finalists were ahead of the other teams by quite a margin and you can see it in the matrix as well and it’s also not a surprise for me that TcfC topped the stats too since their individual stats were also very well balanced in almost every game.

The average line is not only an average team line but also an average player at the same time. It’s worth comparing your own stats to it and see if you will need to kill more or die less in the next cup, if you’d like to be featured in the lists next cup.

The All-Star team is composed as follows:

Limewax: former MVP, best performer of TcfC in the Grand Final and overall statistics leader of this Cup. Need more explanation?

Hatcheriii: another former MVP who’s not only deadly with his aim, but also plays with brains and is committed to the team’s tactics.

Xrated: Isn’t it great to see an always positive guy who’s done so much for the community with his commentary also perform at the top level? A new team, new teammates and a new leadership role for the Dane and still he’d one of his best tournaments so far.

Tjeebi: another Finn, another former MVP. When we say about Hatcheriii that he plays with brains, I’m not sure what term to use for Tjeebi. I hope he takes it as a compliment, but IMO he’s the most annoying player to play against, because I can’t describe it any better than that.

Messy: He came, he saw, he conquered. One of the most improved players of this Cup, who played an important and often dangerous role in the champion team’s tactic. His teammates didn’t drop in their stats and yet he was able to surpass his stats by quite a bit.

Based on the votes of the Admin Team this is our All-Star team of the tournament, do you think someone was left out? Can you assemble a better team in the history of UO? Let us know in the comments or on Discord!

The MIP Most Improved Player Award brought a just as much as a thight vote as the last spot of the All-Star team, thanks to the same players. Messy and Karma are both legitimate contenders for the title and the two votes produced different results. The Admin Team is more impressed by the Croatian player’s improvement, especially compared to the last Cup. Ace once said that his Croatian ex-teammate will be UO’s best player – well, you’re on the right track, we’re excited about your journey.

Now it’s time to announce the winner of Maxim “Atheist” Vozzhaev MVP Award, in memory of our good comrade, the iconic player and movie maker of Call of Duty games. May your memory always be with us.

The admins clearly voted for Limewax, which is no surprise given his stats, but his performance in the Grand Final was much needed to take the title and also improve his stats. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the first player to defend his MVP title. Although he missed one game and played the following one sick due to illness, he was able to perform when it mattered most to take home the award and the Tournament Trophy.

So what’s next for the community? Soon registration will open for the Family Cup, where you can sign up as an individual player. You’ll be added to randomly generated teams and can meet new players, learn from each other, and consume a little or not so little alcohol along the way.

Summer with the vacation season complicates many of your busy schedules, so we’re asking for your feedback, not only on the game and the Cup, but also for suggestions on Cup dates.

We’ve heard some rumors that teams might be coming back that have played since Reborn, and we’ve seen some invasions of OG players and teams on Discord in the last few weeks. We as the admin team would like to thank you for keeping the spirits high, competitive, but always fair so we can all focus on the game and not checking disputes.

If you don’t have a team yet, keep creating them and try to keep or bring back as many players as you can, because this community is supposed to be fun and we can’t keep it alive without each other, so every single player is important!

We’ll get back to you with more information on Discord, until then we’re looking forward to your feedback in the right channel! Have a nice little break and enjoy the Family Cup! Thanks to all players, streamers and fellow admins!