Review – Uvi Gear Pride Mini PBT keyboard

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

First of all I have to be completely honest and by doing so I might alienate myself from a big part of this community: I don’t really associate Eastern European products with quality. My only real experience with Eastern European accessories was when I visited The Prague Market back in 2012. I bought myself a fake Rockstar Baseball Cap and some fake sunglasses. They were nice – but not exactly something I bought to wear day in and day out. More like shits and giggles kind of things you would wear on a Friday night at a university bar and it didn’t take me long to lose both things. Something I will appreciate though is my Uvi Gear keyboard that was sent to me following the 2021 Unitedbase Summer Cup. Here is why:

Quality or nah?

My above statement has really put me to shame after I received the Slovenian Uvi Gear Pride Mini PBT keyboard. The first thing that popped into my mind when I unboxed the keyboard and held it in my hands was: “This shit is heavy.” And that is not a bad thing at all. The sheer weight of the keyboard signals quality and is not something that is easily broken for sure. I’m actually quite sure you could defend yourself on a late night in Ljubljana using this keyboard to slap some dodgy looking people in a back alley, plug it in when you get home and it would still work.

If you’re not that into slapping weird looking people on a late night in Ljubljana with a keyboard, the weight does hold other positive traits: It never slides around on your table which I myself have had problems with, with lighter keyboards that has that “plastic feel”.    

Sleek and simple look

From looking on the pictures I’m quite sure that you agree with me: The design is pretty dope. I like the simple design and the black/white colour combination looks pretty sweet in a gaming setup like mine that has a tendency to only be black. Black is fine by all means – but if you’re not a goth/emo kind of person it doesn’t hurt to bring a little balance into your setup.
Having a white and black keyboard also means that it goes very well with your Siberian Husky as you can see. If you don’t have a Siberian Husky just look away from this part and if you have a brown Siberian Husky.. well.. Then you’re just a loser.

Sugoii6/FRS Kiba

Usual traits of quality gaming keyboards

The Uvi Gear Pride Mini PBT holds all the usual traits of a gaming keyboard. It has mechanical buttons and if you’re into that kind of stuff then you will be satisfied with the “clickly de click” of this keyboard. The feel of the buttons once again signals quality when you’re pressing them like a mad lad, trying to clip the shit out of the likes of PRM and company. The supported RGB colours of the keys are also sufficient to light up a disco in Hamburg on a Saturday night.



All in all I have to say that this keyboard has surprised me. If you have been reading my whole review so far I think you get the message: It is really a quality keyboard with all the features you would want from a modern gaming keyboard.

With all that said I won’t be using mine. Not because I don’t like it, but because I cherish it. It reminds me of a great community and my chance to compete with great players from all over Europe in the game that I have and still love the most. So for me it will have a place on a shelf on my wall –– now all I need is someone who are actually able to drill screws into my concrete walls and put up the shelf.