FRS defeats vrb in quick match to get second win

FRS defeats vrb in quick match to get second win

FRS dominates first map as Hatcheriii notches second PotM distinction.

  • Result: 25 - 4
  • Maps: UO Harbor, UO POWCamp
  • PotM: Hatcheriii

Tournament favorites First Recon Squad have had their second outing in a game against French team Variable Skill, which they dominated from start to finish in a game that ended with a final score of 25 to 4.

The game, which took place on Tuesday, January 26, included an FRS line-up of Hatcheriii, Snurk, xratEd, banksy, and TjEEEBi, while vrb showed up with wallas, Ursal, aSh, shorty, and n4xz.

As it was expected on a map like UO Harbor, which has historically favored fast-playing teams, the game got off to a quick start.

Playing the Russian side, team FRS mounted four quick A rushes driven by solid performances by Snurk and xratEd to take an early 4-0 lead.

Things looked bleak for vrb, but the French team mounted a pleasant comeback, playing a patient game and equalizing the score to 4-4.

However, that was the last round the vrb squad would win for the next 40 minutes until the end of the game.

While FRS was obviously the better team, after having won the second and third edition of the Reborn Cup last year, vrb players also made multiple tactical errors, which the incumbent champs did not fail to exploit.

As pointed out by match commentator FRS.dietchi, vrb regularly failed to take advantage of its nade arsenal. Nades thrown over the UO building while playing the Russian side were often thrown too early and rarely hit their targets to incur damage.

Smoke grenades were also frequently thrown in the A plant zone, but vrb players rarely followed with an A push, often inexplicably waiting for the smoke cover to clear and then getting picked off one by one in the alley by better positioned FRS defenders.

Errors also followed on the second map, UO POWCamp, where vrb, playing on the Russian side, failed to establish a threatening roof presence at the start of each round. By the time a rifle player would reach the roof, most of the vrb squad was already dead, leaving the rifler surrounded and alone.

The match has left a bitter taste in the vrb team’s mouth due to FRS’ dominant performance, but the errors vrb made are not something that more practice games can’t fix.

The match-up was live-streamed on Twitch here and is also available via YouTube below.


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