UnitedBase Spring Cup 2023 Stats & Awards

The highly anticipated UnitedBase Spring Cup 2023 kicked off on February 13th and concluded on May 22nd. The competition was filled with intense matches, but it was Dreamteam who emerged as the champions after the A Playoffs Grand Final.

Despite losing the first map, they showcased their resilience and dominated the second and third maps, securing their first major tournament victory. This triumph marked a significant milestone for Dreamteam as they became the third team ever to claim a UnitedBase major title.

In the realm of first-person shooter (FPS) games, data analytics has become an integral part of understanding and improving gameplay strategies. Here at UnitedBase we are trying to implement some advanced analytics about our wars, but as it’s not ready yet I’m here with the usual cup ending article and statistics thanks to the hard work of Snurk. As we are due with the Group Stage stats as well it’s going to be a long one, but make sure to stick around till the end because we have some surprise for you at the end!

In the Spring Cup ’23 we had 15 teams signing up, Over the course of the tournament, a total of 2,352 rounds were played, with the group stage accounting for 50.4% of the action and the playoffs comprising the remaining 49.6%. As we delve deeper into the statistics and visuals, you’ll witness the compelling insights that data analytics provide, shedding light on the teams’ performances and strategies throughout the event.

Now let’s dive into the statistics of the UnitedBase Spring Cup 2023.

The group stage was divided into three different skill-based groups, and the statistics are categorized accordingly. To be eligible for the top lists, players had to participate in at least 80 rounds.

The teams battled out in the group stage to have their places in the A and B playoffs, because of the double elimination each team had the opportunity to play a lot of rounds in case they made long runs, therefore the minimum round requirement for the playoffs is increased to at least 100 rounds.

For the overall statistics you needed to play at least a combined 180 rounds during the SC’23 to be featured in any of the total list.

In Group A, the players who demonstrated the most reliability by playing the highest number of rounds were COBR4CSKA, norberto, cartz, STVNO, and L1mewax, all tied at 179 rounds. Following closely behind, Bassie, Gerlo, and archiMedes played 178 rounds, securing the 6th position. skz, r3ziner, Nervvvv, and kiki played 169 rounds, sharing the 9th spot. VENXZRRR and KarmA played 168 rounds each, while rapidzjeh played 166 rounds, claiming the 13th and 15th positions, respectively.

Moving on to Group B, bAUMI, hottex, and rptr showcased their reliability by playing 170 rounds each, earning them the top position. davy secured the 4th spot with 166 rounds, while meti-o, rvrsd, and marchello played 159 rounds each, placing them in the 5th position. Hooker, JonEs, FR4NK, and wormiii played 156 rounds, sharing the 8th position. AssassiN and King played 149 rounds, claiming the 12th position, while pROTEC and reazon played 128 and 127 rounds, respectively, securing the 14th and 15th spots.

In Group C, the players who played the most rounds were Explode, kOVIS, and sntax, all tied at an impressive 184 rounds. Following closely behind, soulka, Maggot, ToRLiK, methju, and SLy played 182 rounds, securing the 4th position. Anglhz played 157 rounds, securing the 9th position, while BJ4GA played 156 rounds, placing 10th. naxz played 145 rounds, claiming the 11th position, and imastar and s1ck played 144 rounds each, sharing the 12th position. nesh and yakuziaa played 140 and 124 rounds, respectively, securing the 14th and 15th spots.

The A Playoffs have witnessed intense competition and one the biggest upsets of the history of the game as FRS was knocked down to the lower bracket in the first round. Because of that, TjEEEBi, dietchi, banksy, and xratEd emerging as the top performers, having each played an impressive 306 rounds. Alongside them, SnuRk, Nervvvv, r3ziner, kiki, Gerlo, Don, Bassie, archiMedes, Messy, STVNO, cartz, norberto, and L1mewax have showcased their skills, actively participating in the playoffs and accumulating between 165 and 182 rounds.

In the B Playoffs, a fierce battle has unfolded, featuring standout performances from s1ck, sntax, Explode, and kOVIS, who have all exhibited their prowess by engaging in 278 rounds. Additionally, yakuziaa, Striiik, meGla, reazon, MAXX, wormiii, Hooker, pROTEC, M4giciaN, Octo, and snipex have demonstrated their commitment and skill, contributing to the intense competition with their participation in rounds ranging from 134 to 236.

In the A Playoffs, FRS players tied for the most rounds played, including xratEd, TjEEEBi, banksy, and dietchi, all with 468 rounds. SnuRk follows who missed a game and then, archiMedes, Bassie, Gerlo, Nervvvv, r3ziner, and kiki also showcased their dedication, participating in a substantial number of rounds ranging from 344 to 468.

In the B Playoffs, sntax and Explode emerged as the leaders, both participating in 462 rounds. kOVIS, s1ck, reazon, yakuziaa, meGla, wormiii, Hooker, pROTEC, M4giciaN, SLy, methju, Maggot, and ToRLiK also demonstrated their commitment, playing between 297 and 462 rounds.

These statistics provide a glimpse into the performance and dedication of players during the cup, highlighting both individual reliability and team effort in completing the matches.

Now let’s shift our focus to the players who demonstrated exceptional survivability, having the least deaths per round of the UnitedBase Spring Cup 2023. I’m considering renaming this category as the “Tjeebi-Award” after the Finnish superstar consistently tops these charts cup after cup. Tjeebi if you are reading this please check out Rapidz’s tardtage videos for some inspiration, and let others win this category too.

Tjeebi takes the lead in Group A with an impressive average of only 0.59 deaths per round across 162 rounds, showcasing exceptional survival skills. Mizery follows closely behind with an average of 0.64 deaths per round over 126 rounds. Other notable players who displayed remarkable survivability in Group A include dietchi, SnuRk, kiki, KarmA, r3ziner, skz, Don, banksy, archiMedes, L1mewax, VENXZRRR, norberto, Nervvvv, and many more.

Moving on to Group B, mateo secures the top position with an impressive average of 0.57 deaths per round across 121 rounds, demonstrating exceptional survivability. Marchello follows closely behind with an average of 0.60 deaths per round over 159 rounds. Other skilled players who showcased outstanding survivability in Group B include meti-o, BURN28, keveemoses, jo_ozus, rvrsd, hottex, rco, fronti, King, koen, pROTEC, dusty, AssassiN, and more.

In Group C, coldiii takes the lead with a remarkable average of only 0.54 deaths per round across 96 rounds, showcasing exceptional survivability. Octo closely follows with an average of 0.57 deaths per round over 88 rounds. Other notable players who demonstrated impressive survivability in Group C include meGla, sntax, Anglhz, Explode, kOVIS, ToRLiK, methju, soulka, BJ4GA, s1ck, Maggot, imastar, yakuziaa, and others.

In the A Playoffs, Bassie leads the pack with an impressive 0.57 deaths per round, demonstrating exceptional survival skills throughout the 176 rounds played. Don and archiMedes closely follow with 0.58 and 0.59 deaths per round, respectively. TjEEEBi, L1mewax, prm, xratEd, Azzie, SnuRk, KarmA, cartz, r3ziner, Windje, skz, and banksy also showcase their ability to minimize deaths, with ratios ranging from 0.63 to 0.70.

The B Playoffs feature Octo at the top, boasting an impressive 0.61 deaths per round in the 136 rounds played. sntax and wormiii closely trail behind with ratios of 0.62 and 0.64, respectively. Anglhz, meGla, Striiik, s1ck, Explode, davy, ToRLiK, methju, Hooker, pROTEC, reazon, MAXX, and more exhibit their prowess in minimizing deaths, with ratios ranging from 0.66 to 0.74.

Can you guess? TjEEEBi claimed the top spot with an impressive average of only 0.62 deaths per round in the A Playoffs, closely followed by Don with 0.63. Other players with low death rates include mateo, archiMedes, marchello, meti-o, hottex, Bassie, SnuRk, L1mewax, KarmA, r3ziner, skz, kiki, and rvrsd.

In the B Playoffs, Octo showcased exceptional performance with the lowest death rate, averaging only 0.59 deaths per round. sntax followed closely with 0.62 deaths. Anglhz, meGla, soulka, ToRLiK, Explode, wormiii, methju, imastar, s1ck, koen, BJ4GA, FR4NK, and dusty also displayed remarkable skill, maintaining low death rates ranging from 0.62 to 0.73.

These player rankings reflect the outstanding defensive skills and survivability of the top performers in each group during the group stage of the UnitedBase Spring Cup 2023. With remarkably low deaths per round ratios, these players showcased their ability to stay alive and contribute to their team’s success in intense matches, they are the real anchors of their teams.

The Kill per Round Ratio, a statistic that ignites the competitive spirit among players, serves as a true testament to the exhilarating feeling of securing kills in Call of Duty United Offensive. This popular stat often takes the spotlight because when players press TAB in the game, regardless of the number of deaths you will be the top of the stat list and of course it showcases the dominance and output of the players who top these charts.

In Group A, KarmA claims the top spot with an impressive Kill per Round Ratio of 0.95 across 168 rounds, demonstrating their prowess in eliminating opponents. Gerlo follows closely behind with a ratio of 0.85 over 178 rounds, showcasing their lethal precision. The battle for kills intensifies in Group A, with players like xratEd, Don, TjEEEBi, r3ziner, STVNO, cartz, archiMedes, dietchi, norberto, L1mewax, skz, rapidzjeh, and kiki all showcasing their formidable slaying abilities.

Moving on to Group B, jo_ozus dominates the leaderboard with an exceptional Kill per Round Ratio of 0.97 across 115 rounds, epitomizing their aggressive playstyle. rptr and King closely trail behind, each boasting a ratio of 0.94 over 170 and 149 rounds, respectively. Other skilled marksmen in Group B include marchello, rco, meti-o, rvrsd, hottex, wormiii, dusty, M4giciaN, Antsu, pROTEC, bAUMI, and koen, all leaving a trail of fallen opponents in their wake.

In Group C, Octo reigns supreme with a jaw-dropping Kill per Round Ratio of 1.00 across 88 rounds, establishing themselves as an unstoppable force on the battlefield. What a return by the vcod regular who tried his luck in UO a couple times before. BJ4GA and coldiii showcase their formidable shooting skills with ratios of 0.95 and 0.91, respectively. The fierce competition for kills continues with players like kOVIS, Explode, Anglhz, methju, Maggot, s1ck, meGla, ToRLiK, soulka, yakuziaa, imastar, and sntax leaving no room for their adversaries to breathe.

The A Playoffs was where the Don lead Dreamteam started to shine. The Dutchman secures the top spot with an impressive 1.05 kills per round in the 176 rounds played. r3ziner closely follows with 1.00 kill per round in 182 rounds. L1mewax, King, Gerlo, KarmA, TjEEEBi, Windje, xratEd, archiMedes, Nervvvv, dietchi, prm, STVNO, and Messy also demonstrate their skill in securing kills, with ratios ranging from 0.68 to 0.95.

The B Playoffs showcase Anglhz at the top with 0.90 kills per round in 130 rounds played. Octo follows closely with 0.88 kills per round in 136 rounds. ToRLiK, davy, pROTEC, Maggot, kOVIS, MAXX, sntax, wormiii, Explode, s1ck, Striiik, meGla, and M4giciaN also display their ability to secure kills, with ratios ranging from 0.69 to 0.83.

Don’s statistically best performance so far secured him the highest average kills per round in the A Playoffs with 0.95. r3ziner, KarmA, King, rptr, jo_ozus, Gerlo, marchello, TjEEEBi, L1mewax, xratEd, hottex, archiMedes, meti-o, and STVNO also showcased their offensive prowess, averaging kills per round ranging from 0.75 to 0.95.

Octo maintained his impressive performance, leading the B Playoffs with an average of 0.92 kills per round. Anglhz, BJ4GA, kOVIS, Maggot, ToRLiK, pROTEC, Explode, MAXX, wormiii, methju, s1ck, meGla, soulka, and sntax also exhibited their killing prowess, with averages ranging from 0.72 to 0.92 kills per round.

The Kill per Round Ratio embodies the exhilaration of eliminating opponents, acting as a coveted statistic that signifies dominance and superior marksmanship. These rankings reflect the players who excelled in securing kills during the UnitedBase Spring Cup 2023, leaving an indelible mark on the battlefield with their relentless pursuit of victory. Come on, who doesn’t love the feeling when the “You killed XY” message pops up in the middle of their screen?

The Kill-to-Death Ratio, a metric that demands peak performance from players on both ends of the game, emerges as a favorite among enthusiasts of UO. This statistic showcases the prowess of individuals who can consistently deliver exceptional gameplay, requiring them to secure a substantial number of kills while minimizing their deaths. The tournament proved to be a fierce battleground, with all three groups exhibiting an unparalleled level of competition, making this SC’23 one of the most intense in recent memory.

In Group A, TjEEEBi rises to the top with a remarkable Kill-to-Death Ratio of 1.40 across 162 rounds, showcasing an unrivaled ability to outgun opponents while staying alive. KarmA follows closely behind, with a Ratio of 1.38 over 168 rounds, proving their consistency in delivering lethal blows. The competition remains fierce with dietchi, Don, r3ziner, Gerlo, archiMedes, cartz, xratEd, STVNO, kiki, skz, norberto, L1mewax, and Nervvvv, all demonstrating their exceptional skills in achieving a favorable ratio of kills to deaths.

Group B also boasts impressive performances, with jo_ozus leading the pack, showcasing an exceptional Kill-to-Death Ratio of 1.58 across 115 rounds. This player’s ability to consistently outshine opponents in firepower and survival sets them apart. Marchello and meti-o follow suit, each delivering an outstanding ratio of 1.52 and 1.35 respectively, over 159 rounds. King, rco, rvrsd, hottex, rptr, mateo, BURN28, wormiii, dusty, pROTEC, Antsu, and koen also leave their mark as masters of balancing aggression and self-preservation.

In Group C, Octo demonstrates unparalleled dominance, boasting an astounding Kill-to-Death Ratio of 1.76 across 88 rounds. Their ability to maintain an exceptional kill count while minimizing deaths sets a high standard for competitors. coldiii follows closely behind, showcasing a Ratio of 1.67 over 96 rounds, further highlighting their skill and precision. The competition remains fierce with BJ4GA, kOVIS, Anglhz, Explode, meGla, methju, ToRLiK, s1ck, Maggot, sntax, soulka, yakuziaa, imastar, and other formidable contenders, who all display exceptional tactical awareness and aim.

In the A Playoffs, Don leads the pack with a strong kill per death ratio of 1.80 in 176 rounds played. L1mewax follows closely with 1.47, and r3ziner secures the third spot with 1.46. TjEEEBi, archiMedes, KarmA, Gerlo, Windje, Bassie, xratEd, Nervvvv, prm, King, dietchi, and STVNO also demonstrate their efficiency in securing kills compared to deaths, with ratios ranging from 0.97 to 1.80.

The B Playoffs showcase Octo with an impressive kill per death ratio of 1.43 in 136 rounds played. Anglhz follows closely with 1.36, and sntax secures the third spot with 1.21. ToRLiK, wormiii, davy, pROTEC, Maggot, Explode, MAXX, Striiik, meGla, s1ck, kOVIS, and methju also exhibit strong performance in securing kills compared to deaths, with ratios ranging from 0.93 to 1.43.

Don continued to dominate, securing the top spot with a remarkable kill per death ratio of 1.50 in the A Playoffs. TjEEEBi, KarmA, r3ziner, marchello, jo_ozus, L1mewax, archiMedes, hottex, meti-o, King, Gerlo, rptr, xratEd, and dietchi also achieved impressive kill per death ratios ranging from 1.06 to 1.37.

Octo maintained his outstanding performance in the B Playoffs, boasting the best kill per death ratio of 1.56. Anglhz, sntax, ToRLiK, Explode, BJ4GA, wormiii, kOVIS, meGla, Maggot, methju, soulka, pROTEC, s1ck, MAXX, and sNTAX also showcased remarkable ratios, ranging from 1.03 to 1.32.

The Kill-to-Death Ratio serves as an ultimate gauge of skill and consistency, highlighting the players who excel at delivering devastating blows while avoiding costly mistakes. As the battles in the UnitedBase Spring Cup 2023 unfolded, these rankings illuminated the individuals who embraced the challenge, mastering the delicate balance between aggression and survival in their quest for victory.

The All-Star Rating, a captivating statistic in Snurk’s Spreadsheet, combines offensive prowess and a fearless approach to the game. It serves as a motivating factor for players who may be overly concerned about their round per death or kill per death ratios. The All-Star Rating is calculated by adding the Kill per Round (KPR) and the Kill per Death Ratio (KDR).

In Group A, KarmA leads the pack with an impressive All-Star Rating of 2.33 across 168 rounds, demonstrating their ability to consistently deliver kills while maintaining a respectable KDR. TjEEEBi follows closely behind with an All-Star Rating of 2.22 over 162 rounds, showcasing their offensive impact on the game. Don, r3ziner, Gerlo, dietchi, xratEd, archiMedes, cartz, STVNO, norberto, skz, kiki, L1mewax, and Nervvvv also make their mark, highlighting their ability to contribute significantly to their teams’ offensive success.

In Group B, jo_ozus stands out with an incredible All-Star Rating of 2.55 across 115 rounds, cementing their position as a true offensive force. Marchello and King also impress, boasting All-Star Ratings of 2.44 and 2.29 respectively over 159 and 149 rounds. rco, meti-o, rptr, rvrsd, hottex, mateo, wormiii, dusty, pROTEC, Antsu, BURN28, and koen also showcase their ability to make a substantial impact on the game.

Group C sees Octo dominating with an exceptional All-Star Rating of 2.76 across 88 rounds, solidifying their reputation as a standout player on the offensive front. coldiii follows closely with an All-Star Rating of 2.58 over 96 rounds, exemplifying their aggressive and effective playstyle. BJ4GA, kOVIS, Explode, Anglhz, meGla, methju, s1ck, Maggot, ToRLiK, soulka, sntax, yakuziaa, and imastar also shine with their ability to contribute significantly to their teams’ offensive successes.

Who else? Once again, Don maintains his dominance with an impressive All-Star Rating of 2.85 in 176 rounds played, it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen. He solidifies his position as the top performer in the A Playoffs. Following closely behind, we have r3ziner with a rating of 2.46 and L1mewax with 2.42. TjEEEBi, KarmA, archiMedes, Gerlo, Windje, xratEd, King, Bassie, Nervvvv, prm, dietchi, and STVNO also demonstrate strong performances with ratings ranging from 1.66 to 2.85.

In the B Playoffs, Octo takes the lead with an impressive All-Star Rating of 2.31 in 136 rounds played. Anglhz closely follows with a rating of 2.26, and ToRLiK secures the third spot with 2.01. sntax, davy, wormiii, pROTEC, Maggot, MAXX, kOVIS, Explode, Striiik, meGla, s1ck, and M4giciaN also display their skills with ratings ranging from 1.60 to 2.31.

Don reigned supreme once again, securing the highest All-Star Rating of 2.45 in the A Playoffs. KarmA, r3ziner, TjEEEBi, jo_ozus, marchello, King, L1mewax, rptr, Gerlo, hottex, archiMedes, meti-o, xratEd, and dietchi also achieved notable All-Star Ratings ranging from 1.81 to 2.45.

Octo continued to shine, achieving the highest Total All-Star Rating of 2.48 in the B Playoffs. Anglhz, BJ4GA, ToRLiK, kOVIS, sntax, Explode, Maggot, wormiii, pROTEC, meGla, methju, soulka, MAXX, s1ck, and M4giciaN also displayed exceptional performance, with All-Star Ratings ranging from 1.77 to 2.48.

The All-Star Rating serves as a motivating factor for players especially for the so called “stat padders”, encouraging them to focus on their offensive performance and disregard any fears about their round per death or kill per death ratios. As the UnitedBase Spring Cup 2023 demonstrated, these rankings reflect the players’ ability to consistently deliver kills, elevate their teams, and make a lasting impact on the game.

And now it is time to reveal the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the All-Star team. As I mentioned earlier, there are some surprises in store. The players for the All-Star team are usually chosen by the Admin Team, and this time it was an extremely challenging task due to the numerous outstanding performances we witnessed, each with their own unique style of play. Ultimately, it came down to personal preferences and considering various aspects of the game.

The Atheist MVP Award goes to: Don – Dreamteam

If you have read the entire article and seen the statistics, it should come as no surprise that Don was chosen as the MVP. He surpassed the entire community in almost every statistical category. During the playoffs, he elevated his already exceptional gameplay and achieved numbers that have rarely been seen in the past three years.

All-Star Team:

Don – the simpele MVP (KPR: 0.95 #1, KDR: 1.50 #1)

TjEEEBi – a consistent All-Star player, the former MVP demonstrated exceptional skills as the best FRS player and had an incredible run in the playoffs (KPR: 0.85 #9 KDR: 1.37 #2)

r3ziner – Another Finnish powerhouse who had his best UO cup ever, often carrying TMO with his lurking playstyle (KPR: 0.91 #2 KDR: 1.32 #4)

Gerlo – a trademark name in this game, renowned for his tactical and sniper plays, provides a long needed stability to the Duchies and played a crucial role in their victory (KPR: 0.86 #7 KDR: 1.17 #12)

Archimedes – I Introduced him during the Grand Finals stream as the reliable backbone, Archi consistently performed despite playing in challenging roles in various maps and delivered outstanding results (KPR: 0.79 #13 KDR: 1.21 #8)

You might be wondering why it was difficult to assemble the All-Star team. For the first time ever, we have three players from the same team in the All-Stars. Combined with the exclusion of notable players such as L1mewax, KarmA, Xrated, dietchi, or King, it led to intense discussions and statistical analysis, including reviewing video footage. Ultimately, the decision was based on the dominance of Dreamteam and the significant contributions these three players made to their team in their own unique ways.

Unfortunately, the five players I mentioned who were left out will have the opportunity to prove their worth during the next cup. Or perhaps even before that? Wait what?

The Admin Team has announced the first-ever All-Star match as a warm-up event during the registration period for the next majors. This will allow the All-Star team to compete in a live-streamed Best-of-Three (Bo3) match against the Challengers.

All-Stars vs. Challengers

Don-TjEEEBi-r3ziner-Gerlo-Archimedes vs. L1mewax-KarmA-Xrated-dietchi-King

B Playoff All-Stars:

Octo (KPR: 0.92 #1 KDR: 1.56 #1)

Anglhz (KPR: 0.85 #2 KDR: 1.32 #2)

Sntax (KPR: 0.72 #15 KDR: 1.17 #3)

Protec (KPR: 0.77 #7 KDR: 1.06 #13)

Wormi (KPR: 0.76 #10 KDR: 1.10 #7)

Stay tuned for more information on discord!

Norberto & the Admin Team