UnitedBase Fall Cup Stats &Awards

Another Cup has come to an end and there is one last thing to do in order to wrap up our competition, to share with you some stats and awards based on the super stat sheets from Snurk and then voted by the Admin team.

To start off let’s see which team(s) and players had the longest competition and who were the most reliable players out of those teams.

As you can see the TcfC main lineup for this cup has played the most rounds, the top 4 is only divided by 2 rounds, due to some connection issues during the games, including the Grand Final itself, where L1mewax lost connection in one of the last rounds and couldn’t join again. Messy and Norberto has played 440 rounds, every single one of their team’s rounds, which would make more than 18 maps played to the full 24 rounds length.

Some players were interested in some playoff stats so I’ve included some interesting ones not only about the whole Cup in overall, but separated it to Playoff stats as well. In our next graphs you can see who were the toughest motherfuckers players to kill in PO and in Overall.

Tjeebi was able to defend his title in this aspect, but he had some strong competition this time with the return of his teammate Snurk, or Cartz who took a more regular role in the TcfC lineup. The Hungarian player managed to be the best in the category in the playoffs, but generally speaking everyone who is able to stay below the 0,6 line can be more than proud of himself, only 4 players managed to do so in the whole cup.

The most popular stat I believe for the majority of the players is the Kills per Round. There weren’t too many surprises this time in the top 10 our killing machines already proven themselves in previous competitions.

Epixor has done a very great job in this department even after missing a couple cups in a row, his performances continued where he left off before his break. But even this wasn’t enough to take Ace’s crown, who has managed to stay over the 1 kill per round line, this fact is even more crazy, if I mention that from experience the 0,9 kill per round fly you to the top in almost every competition.

An even more important stat in my point of view is the Kill-Death Ratio, the top players in this aspect not only able to get many frags on the board, but they are also not giving away deaths so easily in general, so this stat can show a better value to the team than the previous two.

L1mewax was able to run off with this category in the A playoffs, but still couldn’t compensate in the overall competition stats, where Ace playing in a totally new team pulled off one of the craziest Group Stage since the reborn. It’s also worth to mention that apart from the regular well established top performers like Don and Archi, we could see Striiik as a top performer for fraggedby and Opfie also made it to top10 in the playoff stats hopefully for him his future captain(s) will also read this article, and we can forget Benchpfie for good.

One new category that wasn’t mentioned earlier can highlight us who are the best players under pressure, or with other words who are the players who can turn it on for the most important part of the competition and who could add the most to their stats with their Playoff performances. Only 8 players in the A playoffs were able to have at least the exact same amount of All Star Stats (KDR+KpR) or better than in the Group Stage.

Striiik dominated this department and this is the second time he is mentioned in this article, it is not a coincidence we all have to take off our hats for him being able to lead his team by example in a squad full with top players. Icez also needs to be highlighted, as we can see the more games he is playing the better he gets, so we expect even more from him next cup. Marchello also started the competition a little rusty after more than 6 months of break and playing in a totally new environment, but he played a great part of the Playoff success of eGz.

In the next 3 pictures you will be able to see the top10 performers in B playoffs, A playoffs and Overall in the competition:

And now let’s talk about the topic you are all most interested in the All-Star team, MIP and the MVP. For all categories as mentioned before we’ve took the stats (mainly Playoff Stats) as a basis, but then the Admin team voted individually on the players. This time around we’ve all voted unanimously there were some players performing so impressively week-in week-out there were not too many questions left.

Don: made again to the all-star team, in every game he had a very balanced strong performance, and even in the games that his team has lost he was able to give the most resistance to their opponents. His team’s early fall out was the only reason he wasn’t even considered in the MVP talks.

Ace: best performer in FRS stat-wise during the competition, lead the stats in many aspects, he proved that in even a stronger team he can be on the top, even if he was playing with 3 former MVPs. And he’s doing it always with style, which we can follow on his Youtube channel.

TjEEEBi: again a regular in the All-Stars, the MVP of the last cup proves in every cup his worth, together with his Croatian teammate lead FRS to the Grand Final. He’s always hard to kill and you can always expect from him smart plays.

L1mewax: he is always expected to be on the top of the KPR stats, he finished again in top3 but apart from finishing almost every map on the top of the scoreboard, he has let a little more space for his teammates to shine and put even bigger emphasis to die as little as possible. I believe his numbers were higher last cup, we didn’t see a 38 bomb but this was his most mature performance in a long time.

STVNO: another player from the Hungarian side, who had a very balanced cup. He always knew when it is needed to step up for his team and in what form, we’ve seen many important clutches or 4Ks from him in important moments, so him reaching the top 5 in Playoff Stats was not a surprise.

MIP – Most Improved Player: Striiik – I’ve praised him already during the different stats, but was really delightful to see his performances in the playoffs. We can only hope he will be able to keep the level up or even improve, because this fraggedby squad has shown that they are a danger to every tier 1 team.

MVP – Most Valuable Player: L1mewax – long awaited moment for the Hungarian player, his improvement can’t be described with stats, but his already mentioned more mature performances were crucial for the overall victory of TcfC. He is playing with many experienced strong individuals and still he is able to make an impact on his team’s results as nobody else currently, but I believe his growth as a team player over the last cups is which lead them to success.

Thank you for everyone who have participated in the competition in some form, for all the players, streamers, captains and admins. I wish everyone happy holidays, enjoy the Xmas Cup and we’ll be back with details of the next competition soon!