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UnitedBase Fall Cup 2022 Stats & Awards


Unitedbase Fall Cup 2022 Stats & Awards

The Unitedbase 2022 Fall Cup has come to an end, and I bring you all the stats and awards from the competition. I think we can all agree that statistics are worth nothing in small samples or without knowing the details of the games but looking at an entire competition or the size of the playoffs can pretty much show us who performed the best in various aspects.

Since we divided the groups and the playoffs into tier groups, I’ll break down each statistic by A and B playoffs. To start the article, here are the players who played the most rounds in the entire competition:

TcfC’s premature relegation to the lower group somewhat shocked the community. At the same time, it allowed them to play the most playoff games, resulting in both Stvno and Cartz playing the most rounds in the entire community this cup. In the B playoffs, the number of games were more balanced between the teams, but since lOwzZ1 played all WB, LB and GF so Hottex and Rptr were able to win this category.

From now on, most charts will highlight only the Playoff results at first, and the last ones will be the Overall Fall Cup stats. I set the following requirements about the minimum rounds played to be highlighted in the top lists:

  • A PO:                                   min. 125 rounds played
  • B PO:                                    min. 100 rounds played
  • Overall (GS+PO):            min. 225 rounds played (for both A and B)

If you are an experienced reader, you know that the next category is all about the players who are the hardest to kill. In the A playoffs there was a three-way tie, only fractions separated L1me, Cartz and Snurk, but the former MVP managed to win the category. However, thanks to the great performances during the group stage, the Swedish marksman was a clear winner. It’s important to note that the average DPR went up by quite a bit thanks to the tier groups and more even games.
In the B playoffs, as we’ll see later in other categories, Epixor played on a different level, but it was still not enough to finish ahead of Hottex in this category.

When it comes to most kills per round, we have clear winners in both the A and B playoffs with L1mewax and Epixor. Both delivered kills at a consistently insane rate, and what’s even more insane about these two players is that we are not even surprised about it anymore. We also have to give kudos to Metio, Karma and Xrated and as well as to Bavari, Hottex, Jtgz and Rptr too who managed to make it to the top of the charts.

Now we come to – in my opinion – the most important individual stats, because if you are in the top 10 in KDR, you are a well-rounded player and can give your team advantages on both sides of the map. Again, Lime and Epixor top the charts by a wide margin, but are you at all surprised after seeing them at the top of the DPR and KPR rankings? Epixor’s 2.36 KDR in the playoffs is a level of dominance we have perhaps never seen before and makes Hottex’s beautiful 1.48 KDR look like an average score, but it could not be further from average. Even though the A numbers are more balanced, Lime has also been dominant and more importantly, very consistent, there is not much difference between his Overall and PO KDR.

The most valued attributes are KPR and KDR, so Snurk combined them in his sheets since he collects player stats in this new era, and invented the “AllStar-Stats” or as known as KPR+KDR. Of course, Lime and Epixor once again came out on top, but let’s acknowledge other players as well. Majkieh pulled himself together for the Playoffs after weaker performances on the group stage and led Dreateam to the podium. Stvno is also among the top 3 in PO in this category and has stepped up for the most important part of the competition after an already impressive group stage (hence the top 5 overall). Hottex and Rptr brought great joy to many fantasy owners with their performances, and they were the deadliest duo in the B playoffs, leading lOwzZ1 to the Grand Final and earning the silver medal.

In the last table, with no minimum requirements for rounds played and no distinction between A and B playoffs, you can see who the most outstanding players of the entire competition were. In the chart you can see the KDR by KPR, so basically the All-Star Stats, and a big shout out to Epixor, Hottex, Bjaga, Coldi, Limewax and Jtgz.

Before I hand out the individual awards, I want to talk a little bit about the overall performance of the teams. First, I looked at the teams’ combined AllStar-Stats (KPR+KDR) for the entire competition.

There were some good glimpses of the best performing teams, but I was not satisfied as the 7-8th eGz had too high stats and the 1st of the B playoffs Fevo had too low stats as there were teams in 3 different tier groups in the groups and only 2 in the playoffs.

Therefore, for the last team analysis, I used only the playoffs for better comparability and created an Opponent Strength Index. For the latter, I took into account which team played against how strong teams based on the opponent’s final rank in the competition. The stronger the teams you played, the tougher games you had and the closer you’re to the Opponent Strength Index 1 and the harder it is to put up top performances. Theoretically, your OSI would be 1 if you only played the first team of the competition and 0 if you only played the last team. OSI can be found on the Y-axis and KPR+KDR on the X-axis.

To better understand the chart and some interesting statistics: Dreamteam, which finished 3rd in the competition, had one of the worst team statistics. Using OSI we can see that they had by far the strongest opponents in the A playoffs PO, they met TcfC twice during their run.
In the B Playoffs both Fevo and lOwzZ1 had similar team stats and played GF in their tier, but still had much worse team stats than GP. Since Gangsta’s position in the table is much lower vertically, we can see that their opponents were easier, which explains why they had much higher team KPR+KDR than the others.

Members of the All-Star team are selected by the Admins based on statistics (with special attention to PO ), but also on their contribution to their team’s PO run and memorable moments of the Cup. Before I reveal who made the A and B All-Stars, you can take a look at the PO top 15 and Overall stats for both POs and pick your own players. Feel free to share them in the comments or in the general chat channel of our Discord server!


B Playoff All-Star:
Epixor, Hottex, Rptr, Jacob, Wormii

Epixor: topped most of the charts, showed a scary PO.
Hottex: came back to the team from sugoii6 and everyone had high expectations for him, and he exceeded them.
Rptr: managed to lead the team ahead of Hottex in some maps, but showed the same insane individual performances in most maps and formed the deadliest duo of the B playoffs.
Jacob: he was more consistent than ever, a key player who earned the second B PO win in a row.
Wormii: smart player, his experience from the previous cup paid off, he led by example, especially by stepping up for the PO.

MVP: Epixor, mechanically one of the most talented UO players in this scene, sometimes it feels unfair to have him play in the B PO, he topped all the charts, and in the games where it mattered most, not many players could even come close to him. Jacob and Yantar improved their games and despite the logical decrease, Epicor managed to score even higher than before.

A Playoff All-Star
Limewax: you can’t really see it in his numbers, but his gameplay has matured a lot, while his accuracy is as good as ever.
Xrated: his stats were a bit better in the last Cup, but this time he didn’t play in a leading role in a new team, he played in FRS alongside former MVPs and delivered his most impressive and best Cup ever in my opinion. He started pretty high on Reborn 2 and somehow managed to improve on every Cup. By the end of 2022, we’re talking about him as a legitimate MVP contender while being one of the nicest and most active streamers in the community.
Stvno: Captain of the 3-peat winning TcfC, you know where he’s going to be in every map since 2004, and yet you can’t do anything about him. The last 2 cups he has played at a different level, his consistency is invaluable to his team.
Kiki: He picked up the game for the first time in a competitive manner, leading the team in stats and in many memorable moments in the game. Their aim and understanding of the game was never in question, but Kiki outperforming qT and skz impressed the entire admin team. We can’t wait to see what he’ll bring us in the next Cup with more UO experience.
Karma: Ace predicted from his first UO competition that he’d soon be a top player. That came true pretty quickly, Karma has been a great leader and at the top of the stats for many Cups. In this Cup, I’m most impressed with how he managed to maintain his high stats despite having some heavyweights like Nestle and the whole unique team next to him.

UnitedBase Fall Cup ’22 Atheist MVP Award: Limewax, he spoils us with consistently high scores, but the team around him has become much stronger, and still he brings those numbers. We’re too used to his performances, but when he misses a game we can see his impact. In the last cup competitions, his game has become much more mature. Maybe we haven’t seen 38 bombs from him in the last cup competitions, but his contribution to the team is much higher while he still dominates the score charts.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article just as much you enjoyed playing in Unitedbase 2022 Fall Cup. We would like to thank for each of your participating as a player, streamer, fantasy player, viewer or if you contributed to our community in any form possible. Have fun in the Christmas Cup and have a good rest during the winter holidays. We will be back soon, until then we would like to hear your voice about the Fall Cup and the on-going Christmas Cup. After the holidays we will be back with some interesting news!

Norberto & the Admin Team