Summer Cup ’21

Summer Cup 2021

Cup status: Group stage
Cup supervisor: norberto
Cup admins: davy, King, opfii1ee, steve, SnuRk, stvno, TjEEEBi

Map list: cassino, germantown, peaks, railyard, stanjel, uo_carentan, uo_dawnville, uo_depot, uo_harbor, uo_powcamp, tigertown

Rules: Summer Cup Rules  ||  Official servers: check here  ||  Official non-Steam CoduoMP.exe: click here

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Team Elite Gaoz gave Darkfall a run for their money on Friday night as the two teams clashed on Stanjel and Peaks. Stanjel ended in a close 13-11 win for the Darkfall favorites and the game was still all open heading into the 2nd map which was Peaks. Darkfall came out guns blazing from the start and never gave eGz a chance to get back on their feet resulting in a 12-7 victory on the map for the tier 1 team.

  • Result: 25 - 18
  • Maps: mp_stanjel / mp_peaks
  • PotM: Anglhz
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nG took a 14-10 lead on the 1st map; German Town – jtGz led the charge with a 30 bomb. On the 2nd map, which was Tigertown, the game was close, but nG managed to get the vital 12 rounds while Fragged by fought back valiantly taking 10 rounds on the map.

  • Result: 25 - 20
  • Maps: mp_germantown / mp_tigertown
  • PotM: jtGz
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klanm0r secured a 15-9 win on the first map and shut down error404 on Dawnville to secure the win. error404 could’nt convert close rounds on the axis side of Powcamp which proved to be match deciding.

  • Result: 25 - 13
  • Maps: mp_uo_powcamp / mp_uo_dawnville
  • PotM: davy
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nikczemne Gumisie doubled up the score 16-8 on the first map against fast eVo, sealed the deal on Depot.

  • Result: 25 - 9
  • Maps: mp_railyard / mp_uo_depot
  • PotM: nestle
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Team Sequel had a tough debut against error404 who won first map 16-8 and never looked back.

  • Result: 25 - 12
  • Maps: mp_railyard / mp_uo_depot
  • PotM: diego
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lOwzZ started out with a narrow 13-11 win on Railyard, but the Czechs managed to get back into the game and secure the win on Depot.

  • Result: 25 - 22
  • Maps: mp_railyard / mp_uo_depot
  • PotM: Gee
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Welcome to the COD: UO Summer Cup 2021.

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