Call of duty: United Offensive

Stats, allstar team and MVP from Fall Cup 2023

Since our amazing excel and graphics pro Norbert ”norberto” Norbertson have taken a both early AND long (Mr bigshot?) christmas break we are left to present the stats from Fall Cup 2023 in a bit of an old school way. Pure textform top 10 rankings. 

This cup we present the statistics combined from both groupstage and playoff. Also I decided to not divide A- and B-playoff since I’m lazy and dont have an early and long christmas break. 

Most rounds played

  1. Don, archiMedes, BASSIE, Dreamteam, 420.
  2. xratEd, dietchi, SnuRk, FRS, 393.
  3. TjEEEBi, FRS, 392.
  4. Windje, Dreamteam, 384.
  5. Ace, FRS, 381.
  6. STVNO, norberto, cartz, COBR4CSKA, TcfC, 363.

KPR (kills per round)

  1. Anglhz, Icarus, 1.03.
  2. hottex, Paranoia, 0.90.
  3. L1mewax, TcfC, 0.88.
  4. KarmA, Dreamteam, 0.87.
  5. jo_ozus, e9, 0.86.
  6. TjEEEBi, FRS, 0.86.
  7. r3ziner, MoD, 0.85.
  8. Don, Dreamteam, 0.84.
  9. redrum, rvb, 0.82.
  10. marchello, abearth, 0.81.

KDR (kill/death ratio)

  1. Anglhz, Icarus, 1.70.
  2. Spazy, Icarus, 1.38.
  3. TjEEEBi, FRS, 1.37.
  4. KarmA, Dreamteam, 1.34.
  5. hottex, Paranoia, 1.34.
  6. L1mewax, TcfC, 1.25.
  7. marchello, abearth, 1.23.
  8. Don, Dreamteam, 1.22.
  9. redrum, rvb, 1.21.
  10. naxz, rvb, 1.19.

DPR (death per round)

  1. Spazy, Icarus, 0.59.
  2. Anglhz, Icarus, 0.61.
  3. BASSIE, Dreamteam, 0.61.
  4. TjEEEBi, FRS, 0.63.
  5. KarmA, Dreamteam, 0.65.
  6. skz, MoD, 0.65.
  7. naxz, rvb, 0.65.
  8. archiMedes, Dreamteam, 0.66.
  9. vinc, rvb, 0.66.
  10. marchello, abearth, 0.66.

Allstar stats (combined KPR and KDR)

  1. Anglhz, Icarus, 2.73.
  2. hottex, Paranoia, 2.24.
  3. TjEEEBi, FRS, 2.23.
  4. KarmA, Dreamteam, 2.20.
  5. Spazy, Icarus, 2.19.
  6. L1mewax, TcfC, 2.13.
  7. Don, Dreamteam, 2.06.
  8. marchello, abearth, 2.04.
  9. redrum, rvb, 2.03.
  10. r3ziner, MoD, 2.03.

As seen in the stats above many players occur in several of the rankings. Icarus players mainly had fantastic stats after playing a full groupstage in tier 3 where they dominated hard.

Other then that we see a couple of known names like TjEEEBi, Don, L1mewax and KarmA at the top of the scores. No surprises there.

And from tier 2 guys like jo_ozus, hottex and marchello shined. Just as rvb players redrum and naxz in tier 3.

But what we all are waiting for is to read about this cups allstar team. This cup there will only be an A-playoff allstar team since we had so few signups.

And here is what it looks like:

  • TjEEEBi, FRS.
  • xratEd, FRS.
  • Don, Dreamteam.
  • KarmA, Dreamteam.
  • STVNO, TcfC.

The admin team have mainly focused on the playoff stats and how impactful the players were in bringing team success. 

TjEEEBi and Don – the two best players in the Grand final teams was an easy pick for everyone. They both showed their worth during the cup. TjEEEBi held a high level throughout the whole tournament and Don was the strongest player in playoff after a slow start in groupstage.

xratEd was statistically not a top 5 player this cup, but he really showed up in the Grand final where he was the second best player on the server and instrumental in FRS comeback on Carentan where he was the best player in the last 7 rounds of the map with 9 kills. xratEd was also FRS second best player seen over the whole cup.

KarmA could have been a contender for an MVP award this cup, but missed out on both lower bracket final and Grand final. Regardless of that he was superb in the other games for Dreamteam and certainly deserved a spot in the allstar team.

As for the last spot it was a tough choice but the admins decided to pick STVNO who was TcfC’s statistically best, and most impactful, player in the playoff. 

And last but not least – Atheist MVP award:

  • TjEEEBi, FRS.

Its the second time in his career that he picks up an MVP award and this time around no discussion was needed about it. His total stats this cup (2.23) was significantly higher then FRS second best player xratEd (1.80). Closest competitor for the award would have been Don, but in the Grand final TjEEEBi showed why he deserved it this time.

The finnish superstar have always been a very consistent and solid player with a low amount of deaths and good KDR. What changed this cup is that he also fragged among the best players.

On the server he is one of the hardest opponents to play against with a silly perfect playstyle that is efficiency in its purest form. Few players have polished details in their game as flawless as TjEEEBi. Adding to that he is perhaps the best clutcher in the game and just a menace to play against when he starts squirrel-dancing around the map.

A well deserved winner this Fall Cup.


There is still a B-final to be played between abearth and Fast Evolution this cup. But it seem to have to wait until 2024. Hopefully we can get a date and look forward to some stream.

Until next major we have a fun xmas cup ahead of us.

We hope all 89 players who stepped their foot on a server this cup enjoyed their time and will sign up for whatever we have in front of us next year.

And we also hope that all of you who didn’t participate this time around, but did so in the past, will pick the game up again. We need all players we can get.

A congratulations also to redrum (as it seems impossible for anyone to catch up even if B-final isn’t played yet) for winning fantasy. Surely your biggest achievement and most life changing happening in 2023. Great to see the enthusiasm around this little sidequest during our majors and as long as we have this many people signing up for it we will continue hosting fantasy.

An extra shoutout to all the streamers, not least BadTasteBear who showed up and saved the two most important games of the cup with great streams. But also guys like Spazy and z1ckje who put a lot of time and effort into it. Granted the last one mentioned don’t exactly have his hands full of other activities in UO.

Lastly a thank you to Anglhz and fronti for providing servers and keeping them up to date with anything we wanna implement.

So with these finishing words, over and out.

/SnuRk and the admin team