UnitedBase is back with the long awaited Fall Cup! The registration has been closed, groups and pre-rolled maps are revealed. The first ever Fantasy League is all set, you can see details on discord, but I’m still due with a few parts of this interview series, where our captains answered some of my serious or not so serious questions.

How did your team spend the summer break? Last Cup you won the B-Playoffs, but ever since you haven’t been as active in Pcws. Do you feel prepared for the Fall Cup?

Jacob: „During the summer break, everyone went for a vacation  somewhere, mostly abroad with their wives and and children. Our team is not very active during the summer, but that’s the only season out of four. There was no time to prepare and the cup had already started.“

Does your team have a specific placement expectation or goal for this Cup?

Jacob: „We aim for a better position than in the last cup, but the main goal is to play together and have some fun.“

Based on your performance last Cup you have been added to Group B in the group stage. How excited to test your strength in one tier above?

Jacob: „Given that after so many years there are still teams of players left in this game who have a lot of experience, there is enthusiasm. We will do our best to stay relevant and move even further.“

Who do you think will step up this time to perform apart from Epixor who is a powerhouse in your team?

Jacob: „From the last training on Aim, I believe that this time Yantar, Patas and maybe Atomics will surprise us. Epixor is our killing machine, he often plays wawa_3d_aim during working hours, and since noone else has time to play with him, he programmed his own bots with more advanced intelligence specifically for this map. Then he just writes to us how many bots he shot in the morning to make our day better.“

Epixor is our killing machine, he often plays wawa… …he programmed his own bots with more advanced intelligence specifically for this map.

– Jacob

With particular regard to fantasy league participants, can you tell us your anticipated main lineup for the Fall Cup?

Jacob: „Jacob





Can you please share some details about your team and players?

Jacob: „Most of our players are from a town in the north of the Czech Republic (Jacob, Atomics, Tommy, Patas, Smoggy, Ronny, Hiro, Ondraim, Malkis), Ronny, Malkis and Tommy are my cousins ​​and Ondraim is my brother. Epixor lives 50 km further. Yantar grew up near Brno, but currently lives in Prague. It started at the turn of 2004/2005 when Tommy (cousin) and I played COD and CODUO on random public servers and gradually wanted to form a team.

I contacted Yantar back then on some public server just when Railyard was on. I even remember writing to him from the block of flats near the B plant. After that we got together on teamspeak and played together.

Furthermore, I remember exactly that we played on a public server with Peaks on and that’s where I met Epixor. I messaged  him for the first time from a burnt house in the map. I also invited Atomics, my classmate from school, and the team was born. Afterwards we changed the name of the team about 3 times, but the players did not change.

We had a few meetings as little boys but without Yantar, who was from far away. We stopped playing CODUO around 2011 – the reasons being college, family, work etc.

A few years ago, I approached the guys again, and on that occasion I met Yantar personally for the first time in my life in Prague. It was strange knowing someone for so many years and seeing them for the first time in their 30s. The proposal was to play CODUO sometimes, since they are all gamers at heart and we have a technical job, so we installed a server and played sometimes in our free time. Then we found unitedbase and since then we have been participating in this unique scene with you.

We socialise with the team and have regular lan-parties in our garage about 1-2 times a year. On that occasion around 14 people gather and play CODUO/2/4 for almost three days in a row. Sometimes we have a meeting in Prague. Most of the people on the team are in contact with each other outside of the game, so Fast Evolution is very much a family and a circle of people who have known each other for many years.

I am attaching a photo of Fast Evolution from the lan-party below just for fun.“

Keep an eye out for the next part of the series shared on Discord or check out the previous ones below!

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