UnitedBase is back with the long awaited Fall Cup! The registration has been closed, groups and pre-rolled maps are revealed. The first ever Fantasy League is all set, you can see details on discord, but I’m still due with a few parts of this interview series, where our captains answered some of my serious or not so serious questions.

How did your team spend the summer break? Do you feel prepared for the Fall Cup?

Kikiii: “Every year, our team spends the summer time with families, their friends, private stuff and enjoying the days off. During holidays we load our batteries to feel the duty and passion for playing vCoD again. In Autumn, the whole team is usually back and active again.

Honestly, for this Cup our team is not prepared at all, but this might change quickly depending on number of PCWs we manage to play before group stage games.”

Some of your players are completely new to the CoD:UO competitive scene, but you also have a great amount of UO experience with skz, r3ziner and qt. Can you please introduce your team to our community and what can we expect from you?

Kikiii: TMO is probably the oldest still existing COD clan. Our history started in 2007.

First as a fun clan, but also in the same year as a real clan.

The roster was filled with players who started to play cod 2005 and earlier.

This rule was present for few years, where we manage to have only real call of duty legends in our lineup.

This was the whole idea of “The Myth of”. We wanted to have only the best and oldest players in our squad, something that you will associate with mythological gods. Sometimes the members count was bigger than 30 players, which is hard to realize in these days. Later in the beginning of the 10’s the rule broke down, as the old players left the scene or were most inactive. To keep the clan alive, we had to modify the rules and recruit new players.

This and more about our clan history, each player and stats – you can find on our website:

We have a great LAN history, we took twice part at LAN and won both times, in Budapest and Prague.

We also have big expectations for the future LAN in Zagreb, 3 strikes in a row would be something that probably on vCoD1.5 has never happened.

Also, we managed to win 9 online cups during those years.

When the time is right, we also hope to win one trophy on UO. Then we could say we won at least one cup on every vCoD1 version.

As said before, UO is completely new to us, but we take it as a real challenge and who knows, maybe we will stay longer here. 🙂 “

We’re glad about your registration, welcome to the community, what made you sign up for our competition now?

Kikiii: “Well, after flattering us by saying our team was “arguably the best COD1 team TMO wanting to give it a go in UO” ( we had to go for it, a new challenge is always the way forward!

We expect to motivate few UO teams to take part in 1.5 events too.

If 1.5 and UO would move closer to each other, we could create a bigger and more attractive scene/environment for various players and teams. “

Are you glad that you have been added to Group B, or did you expect to be instantly in Group A? What is your prediction about your group stage performance?

Kikiii: “We expected to be put there. Our prediction is we will have a hard time adjusting in such a short time. However, we are eager to learn.

We need to win everything on our way no matter which bracket/opponent – our mindset is set on winning always.”

..our mindset is set on winning always.

– Kikiii

Does your team have a specific placement expectation or goal for this Cup?

Kikiii: “We expect to be top3 this tournament. Why? We played a RO cup last January with our mostly AW players and ended up in a decent 3rd placement.

It’s an indicator that we can indeed be an underdog and do some nasty PEW PEW PEW even though we won’t field our core lineup.”

We expect to be top3 this tournament.

– Kikiii

With particular regard to fantasy league participants, can you tell us your anticipated main lineup for the Fall Cup?

Kikiii: “At the time of publishing this interview some of us already signed up to fantasy league and maybe we managed to surprise someone with an unexpected pick!”

Can you please share some details about your team and players?

Kikiii: “The actually core team was formed already some years ago and we know each other more than 10 years now. We have all met in real life at private occasions (like wedding) or at LANS. Last year has been a blast.

Looking forward to the 1.5 LAN in November (Zagreb). Feel free to get to know us with many infos on our history (this year TMO is celebrating 15 years!), lineup and achievements @ Have fun and see you in game!”

Keep an eye out for the next part of the series shared on Discord or check out the previous ones below!