UnitedBase is back with the long awaited Fall Cup! The registration has been closed, groups have been revealed and while we are waiting for the matchups and pre-rolled maps, we can sign up for the Fantasy League on discord, or we can enjoy this interview series, where our captains answered some of my serious or not so serious questions.


We’re glad to have you back considering your history before and after reborn, how did your team spend this long break? Do you feel prepared for the Fall Cup?

meti-o: “The lives of the team members are probably very similar to those of their peers of a similar age. Family, work, different lifestyles. We always played together because we know each other and the time spent playing together was great.

Overall, we didn’t prepare too much for the cup, I personally can’t spend too much time on it, which is why I’m glad that rvrsd brought the brigade together. The basics are in order, I think now we can focus even more purely on the game, thereby respecting each other’s free time, which they spend on the game.”

Rvrsd: “About one and a half year ago life made us split as a team but in fact our friendship became closer. For me personally it was never an option to not play this beautiful game, I had a great time in tcfc and gathered a lot experience. Fortunately, Metio and Marchello are having enough time to play nowadays so we decided to relief abearth which is a pure joy for me. We are trying to practice as much as we can but I think we have a strong basis. More important to find harmony with our new members.

Does your team have a specific placement expectation or goal for this Cup?

meti-o: “We have no expectations regarding the cup. We want to play good matches, against good teams, in good form. If it succeeds, it was worth the effort.”

Rvrsd: “Nothing like that. Our goal is to have fun in a competitive environment.”

Which team would you most like to beat in this cup and why?

meti-o: “I don’t feel this excessive competitiveness in the current state of the game. “

Rvrsd: “I would say TcfC but it’s just my personal will. The reason is obvious 😉”

You have 2 new players that we expect to play a regular role in the team – Trixiko and Burn. With particular regard to fantasy league participants, can you confirm your planned main lineup for the Fall Cup? How would you compare this lineup to the Reborn1 winning one?

meti-o: “I’ve known Trixiko for a long time, he’s a real team player. BURN fits nicely with our play style and has a nice attitude. I hope that you will be able to get along with the others as well.

The line-up is different, the players are different, but I think we didn’t let go of the basic values. I’m sorry that the core team is no longer playing, but life happens. I think the current team is also great.”

Rvrsd: Trixiko and Burn are well known from vcod scene, they are very experienced players and most importantly they have good and kind personality. I want to mention Razzah aswell, I’ve played a lot with him, he can fit well in our team with his pusher style. About the main lineup; Mateo probably won’t be able to play this cup so the core of the crew left with Marchello, Metio and myself. I think we will rotate the 4th and 5th spot between Burn, Razzah, Rapture (who has been our jolly-joker since reborn era) and Trixiko. I want them all to play at least a match or two.

It is hard to compare this lineup with the Reborn#1 winning team. Now we have much more options since we have a bigger roster and also the game/scene changed a lot, there are more challenging teams. As I use to say the game is more competitive than ever.”

You’ve been instantly added to the strongest group (Group A), how do you feel about this decision regarding the registered teams and how do you think your team will perform?

meti-o: “As I said, we want to play good games. I am glad that there are many old school players, it will be a pleasure to play against them. It’s kind of a miracle that there are so many of us in such an old game, but a strong and good scene was formed, it’s nice that there are still people standing up and comparing their skills. The members of the group are probably more prepared and focused than us, but I don’t care one bit. I completely trust my teammates; I think this helps a lot in tighter moments. I hope we will be able to cause a surprise.”

Rvrsd: “It’s not a surprise for me. Even if we didn’t play together in the near past we are among the most experienced players and one of the best organized teams. I’m sure we can make any big team sweat.”

I’m sure we can make any big team sweat.

– Rvrsd

Can you please share some details about your team and players?

meti-o: “The first and most important thing for us has always been a good relationship. The atmosphere is familiar, if only because I am on the same team as my younger brother (Marchello). Everyone from the core team knows everyone personally, we have a good relationship, so we are fully aware of the everyday life of the others. Of course, there are disagreements as a result of this, but it’s great that we can discuss and debate them in an excellent way.

When forming the team (2007), the players went through a fairly strong filter. What is of utmost importance to me (for us) is that they are intelligent people, communicate, play and spend time together in a human way. Of course, the expectations of ourselves came quickly when we achieved results, but I think we managed to stay humble and focused.

I wouldn’t go into anyone’s private life, there are few things that can be profitable in a game like this, but the friendships made with the guys are definitely like that. I’m glad to know them beyond the virtual space.”

Rvrsd: “The core of us met in-game about 2008, when me and Mateo joined abearth. We had tons of fun and fortunately it became a life-long friendship. We had some vacations together and when the game “died” around 2012 we stood in contact. I’m very proud that we can call us a family! There are much things I could highlight. Let me just pick one from the present; Metio and me are lucky enough to work together nowadays. For me it is one of the most important things in life!”


Last time you participated in one of our cups you seemed quite happy to leave the game behind you. What made you change your mind and sign up a team?

Jtgz: “Giving it another go as vcod seems to be done. Other teams already had full lineups or didn’t wanted me as a backup so I decided to once again take the ungrateful role of nagging ppl to come and play 1 game a week. Hopefully with a success. Oh, and need to deploy that mg.”

Joining forces with hasacze you already have a decent amount of experience with the game. Do you feel prepared for the Fall Cup?

Jtgz: “I think only I played UO from our current team back in the old days. Didn’t spend much time in UO even back then and it were times of flamethrowers, bazookas, jeeps and tanks. Nothing transit from those times as I have learnt already. No we are not prepared, we don’t plan to prepare and we will not be prepared.”

Does your team have a specific placement expectation or goal for this Cup?

Jtgz: “We don’t take our run in this cup seriously, we don’t have any ambitions to own here. Our only goal is to have fun in our party. And if we win any games by that philosophy, then it’s win-win.”

You’ve been added to Group C, do you expect a lot of success and do you think you can even win this tier?

Jtgz: “Honestly, I don’t know the skill level of ppl playing UO for most part, only the general opinion that FRS and TcfC are the best teams. If it’s the weakest group, then we probably can win a game ^^.”

How many funny youtube compilations can we expect during the cup?

Jtgz: “At least one from the group stage :D.”

With particular regard to fantasy league participants, can you tell us your anticipated main lineup for the Fall Cup?

Jtgz: “Our team’s main lineup will most likely be diverse, h3lioS, Simon, Nistel and me. But it’s only a guess based on each person availability to spare time and play.”

Can you please share some more details about your team and players?

Jtgz: “With h3lioS we know each other since kindergarten, tho we were in different groups. With Nistel, Simon and Nayas and nearly all Hasacze I meet in real life twice after 2020 but I had pleasure to play with and against them back in the golden days of vcod. With diverse, goRn and crosq I never meet but I also know them from years ago when clanbase ruled and mIRC was the discord. Basically we are all old timers of vcod, started this game 03/04 when we were still kids around 13/14 old. Faked illness to play pubs during school time, wrote conflicts to win elo points and called for “demo up @ cbftp”. That is what brought us here in 2020. Our time of try-harding is long gone, we just run on nostalgia here :D. Passion and priorities are somewhere else. I’m glad 2020 year had one strong and bright point – it was the comeback of vcod. Too bad it’s over. Good luck to everyone in the cup and stay sober boys.”

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