UnitedBase is back with the long awaited Fall Cup! The registration has been closed, groups have been revealed and while we are waiting for the matchups and pre-rolled maps, we can sign up for the Fantasy League on discord, or we can enjoy this interview series, where our captains answered some of my serious or not so serious questions.

LOWZZ Team 1

How did your team spend the summer break? Do you feel prepared for the Fall Cup?

Fronti: “We hardly played at all during the summer break, we’re not quite ready yet, we still have to play a few pcw to get back in.”

Does your team have a specific placement expectation or goal for this Cup?

Fronti: “Our goal is to reach 1st place in group C, but I think there are some opponents waiting at eye level.”

Our goal is to reach 1st place in group C

– Fronti

With particular regard to fantasy league participants, can you tell us your anticipated main lineup for the Fall Cup?

Fronti: “The main constellation is difficult, we almost all have children, one of us will soon be a father, we shall see.”

You initially banned Powcamp but later switched to depot after Pcwing brv on Powcamp. Was it a successful pcw and was that the reason for the switch?

Fronti: “Yes, I had deselected Powcamp, but we found that this map suits us.”

Skazi is back after a long break. What do you expect from him as a player?

Fronti: “Skazi will add value to our game, he’s a good player when he’s in shape but like I said we’ve all had a long break, he had the longest one.”

Probably the highest profile returning to your team is hottex. Can you please explain his role and how important he is for your team?

Fronti: “Hottex used to be our co-captain and nothing has changed, we’re glad to have him back in the team and he’s in a really good form so you can expect him to do well.

Can you please share some more personal details about your team and players?

Fronti: “Hottex Rptr and I have known each other the longest, we played against each other many years ago. We’ve been playing together since 2011/2012. Skazi and Rptr used to play together before they came to us. Bummsyyy we already knew from pcw’s.

I took over the lOwzZ~Clan in 2011 from lOwzZ~need? (cccCCCc) who founded the clan in 2007, we all came from HQ clans and played CB and cups. Fett Clan Noobsontour EC187 Blackiss and other clans that only played HQ later we started with SD. Where then players like daN, haZz, hottex, rptr, bummsyyy, skazi, Igge and others came along.

The saddest moment was when we found out that one of our friends (lOwzZ~daN)

is very ill, from which he unfortunately died after a short time on November 21st, 2017. We lost a good friend and our best player at the time.”

LOWZZ Team 2

You are a newly formed team, did you play pcw’s together and do you feel prepared for the Fall Cup?

Portiss: “Before our first cup we’ve played a few pcw’s, but I think we’ve only played 2 pcw’s before we entered the cup then. Now this cup we’ve had a very different preparation. Some people left, some new players got in, we’ve all had summer breaks. So we’ve decided our top of the notch game sense and amazing skill should be enough to guarantee us the title. So we’ve had no preparation whatsoever!”

You successfully recruited some vcod regulars combined with the other’s UO experience does your team have a specific placement expectation or goal for this Cup?

Portiss: “We are playing for the title, or the bottom place, nothing in between! Serious answer, we haven’t even played together, and I don’t really care about the position we finish in the cup. All I want to do is get to know each other, have fun, and make this team a team that enters in future cups. Some progress in teamplay etc. during the cup would be nice as well.”

With particular regard to fantasy league participants, can you tell us your anticipated main lineup for the Fall Cup?

Portiss: “I just hope we can field 5 players when we need to. It’s all about who can play on certain dates. I guess we won’t really have a main line-up. But you can always count on Portiss getting 3 kills a map!”

But you can always count on Portiss getting 3 kills a map!

– Portiss

Which team would you like to beat the most and why? If you beat lOwzZ 1 will you change numbers for the next cup?

Portiss: “I guess beating lOwzZ 1 would be fun, beating eGz would be fun as well, since my little brother is in it. If we beat lOwzZ 1 I’m changing my teams name to hIghzZ 1. Or God’s Golden Angels. Or Korsakoff’s Clients. So much decisions must be made if we win, I guess we should just lose on purpose.”

Although we don’t recommend drinking, what is the amount of alcohol consumed including streams that you would be satisfied by your team? Which 3 players in the UO scene would you most rather have a beer with?

Portiss: “This is the category were we should set the example for the rest of teams. I’ve had rifle cups were I’ve drank more than a crate of Grolsch and my pregnant wife with covid had to drag me away from the computer at 6:30 because I fell asleep on my keyboard. This is what I expect from my team. We need to embrace alcohol as a part of our life, if we aren’t playing CoD, we should be laying in the gutter of the street shitting and puking ourselves! Playing Call of Duty sober is not something the modern man should be striving for. We should flourish while behind our keyboards drinking God’s golden ale. When destiny calls upon you, you answer that call with a drunk face and a at least 7 liters of beer in your bloodstream

About the 3 players, I guess I’m bringing it down to 2 players, Opfie and prm. All the rest of you ain’t got shit on us!”

Can you please share some more personal details about your team and players?

Portiss: “So in this bit I will highlight a bit of our members lives;

BAABAAAJ4GA: Is a no nonsense taxi driver during the weekends, and a hardcore Call of Duty fragger during weekdays. People say his driving skills are like his Call of Duty skills, direct, straight to point, and trigger happy. Rumors say he came out of the womb in a little toy taxi car.

Ax1fer: Grew up in a religious commune in the Netherlands. He has now left his relationship with god in order to find inner peace in himself with Call of Duty. With an Kar98k in his hands he’s as close to heaven as he’s ever been. He works as a carpenter, and this his taught him how to hit a nail on the head, as it shows in his amazing Call of Duty skills.

Zero/yakuziaa: Some think he’s Italian, some think he’s Dutch, some think he’s Belgian, he’s a master of disguise. There is no backstory to this man, because he doesn’t want to be found. All we know is, when called upon, he might already behind you with his fingers on Shift, to roundhouse bash you to face.

n1tro: Works as a forester in Croatia, he grew up always loving animals and made his passion his job. After a match of hardcore Call of Duty while raging on TeamSpeak, he goes back to the forest and hugs Deers, Koala’s and Antilopes. This bring him the peace he needs to go again the next day, grab his Gewehr and fuck some people up on Imperio.

rydan: Grew up in the Country side of Sweden, earns his living as a garbage man there. Fortunately for him, people in Sweden are very neat, it’s a vast land with no density of people, so he had all the time to practice his CoD skills while having a trashy odour about him. Now he’s the perfect rifleman he is, no smellier odour, he now walks around Carentan like Hugo Boss.

Seq: Was born in Hungary, he has always had to fight for his food. He was born in a family with 9 siblings, which is normal in Hungary. Some say he grew up hungry. The fighting for his food made him focus his anger on the more important stuff in life, Call of fucking Duty. You don’t want to find this guy in burned on Peaks, because he’s the bad ass mf that set it on fire.

Skopz: Is now living and earning his wage in the Netherlands, but was actually adopted from Thailand. He now works as a farmer, he doesn’t get his milk from the store, but he sucks it straight out of the cow’s udders, that’s how you know this dude ain’t messing around. He doesn’t mess around with a m1 Garand either, if you see him it’s too late, a headshot is already guaranteed.

JOOP: Is a hardcore Ajax F-side hooligan from the Netherlands. He doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat, all he does is fight other hooligans. He is known for being in a brawl with 17 Slavia Prague fans, none of them survived. This guy always comes out on top, in a fight, in life, in Call of Duty. You don’t want to find this guy in the basement of Pavlov.

Portiss: From the Netherlands. In high school he always had 27 different girlfriends at the same time. Now as all of you know, it’s hard enough pleasing one woman, try 27 at the same time. That’s how you know this dude his amazing finger-brain coordination. So many females are a hassle though, that’s why he picked up the bottle. While being the drunk he is, he never forgets that finger-brain coordination, so even when he’s drunk, you can always count on him to get 3 kills a map.

So that’s our members explained, while we may seem to have very different lives, we’ve always known we would end up with each other. There was always this sense of togetherness inside of us. This has now brought as were we are, on Call of Duty, together. Ready, to kick ass, puke our intestines out and fall asleep.”

Keep an eye out for the next part of the series!