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Player of the year 2021 • SnuRk ranks the best performers in all three cups combined

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Another year of Call of Duty United Offensive have passed. 2021 brought us three majors.

18 january-16 march Reborn Cup #4.
1 may-8 july Summer Cup 2021.
11 october- 12 december Fall Cup 2021.

I (SnuRk) have gathered the stats from all these cups and put together the data to see who performed best over a full year. In my ranking I have put a lot of emphasis on the stats, especially in playoffs/important games. To be a part of the list you must have played at least 300 rounds over the year.

Having success with your team has been valued higher, at the same time as the individuals part of the success also has been taken into consideration.

Last but not least it also comes down to my own gut feeling and preferences of watching players in action.

So just like HLTV’s top 20 CS-players, we can hereby present CoD UO’s own, and first, yearly ranking.

I give you the top 20 of 2021:

#20 Anglhz, eGz
Total: 1,98 (#18).
KPR: 0,82 (#10).
KDR: 1,16 (#22).
“One of the trickiest choices was which players to cut from the list. Just outside of top 20 names like tRISKAc, kARMa, hottex and skz lurks. Why did Anglhz triumph over these players? Consistency and higher highs. In all of the three cups this year Anglhz was a top contributor with his trusty rifle. His overall stats is higher then a couple above him in the ranks, but lack of team success is a reason for this placement. The most recent cup, where eGz finished 4th – their all time best result, was also the cup Anglhz played the least and wasn’t as strong as in the Summer Cup where he was a top 10 player”.

#19 prm, Darkfall/MiS
Total: 1,88 (#26).
KPR: 0,73 (#30).
KDR: 1,15 (#23).
“A consistent force in the Darkfall/MiS-squad. Bit of a different year for prm. In 2020 he was the leading star in the german lOwzZ lineup, and a certain top 5 player in the scene. A lot of firepower added in the european squad in 2021 led to a more passive role for prm and lower numbers. Looking back at the year we summarise two bronze and one silver medal, which outside of FRS and TcfC is the best merits of any player. What the german is lacking for higher placements is a bigger impact in the stats. What makes him a certain entry though is that once games goes close you can be rest assured prm will deliver. And despite not being able to challenge for a grand final spot in the last two cups he has had reasonable individual scores in the games vs FRS and TcfC”.

#18 marchello, abearth/eGz
Total: 2,06 (#11).
KPR: 0,82 (#11).
KDR: 1,23 (#15).
“Raw stats and talent would place marchello higher in the list but this year has been inactive for the abearth guys. Reborn Cup #4 saw the hungarian star as one of the top performers, but abearth got knocked out a bit dissapointingly by iMMORTALiS to make it a non-satisfying finish. Marchello then sat out Summer Cup only to surprisingly return and bring eGz to a 4th place during the fall. The numbers he pulled weren’t that sensational, but he grew every game in the european squad and was in the end one of their most important players”.

#17 M4giciaN, Dreamteam
Total: 2,05 (#12).
KPR: 0,83 (#9)
KDR: 1,23 (#16)
“Feels like we haven’t seen enough of the RO player yet, who has been a bit on and off and missed some high stake games. Many of his performances have been absolutely nuts, but most of them have been in the groupstage. Just like his team, M4giciaN haven’t really been able to level up when it’s really needed. However he is almost one of a kind when it comes to make work with the rifle from seemingly impossible positions. That combined with some of the smoothest movements in the scene makes him a deadly threat”.

#16 Epixor, Fast Evolution
Total: 2,37 (#3).
KPR: 0,99 (#1).
KDR: 1,38 (#5).
“Where do you place the third best player statistically, who belongs in a team consistently placing dead last? It’s very hard to understand just how good Epixor is and we would probably need to see him in a better team to make a fairer judgement. What we know so far is that he can singlehandedly shut down tier 3 and 4 teams. He can also frag consistently in any environment. Is thats easier in a team where your mates soften the enemies up and you are given all the space? I reckon so. Never playing in A playoffs, and therefor dodging all the best teams that could potentially lower your stats, must also be taken into consideration. Nevertheless that doesn’t take away the fact that the czech undeniable is performing on a level worthy of the top 20. ” 

#15 norberto, abearth/TcfC
Total: 1,92 (#24).
KPR: 0,77 (#21).
KDR: 1,15 (#24).
“Not a flashy player, but certainly a smart one. Extremely versatile in the sense that he can be the anchor on a site, the aggressor going in first, play clutches to perfection and pick up almost any gun. Clearly brought TcfC to another level after his transfer from abearth. Worth mentioning is also that he had the best +/- in the Grand final of Fall Cup where TcfC won a longawaited gold medal. Norberto possesses the ability to step up when needed and breaks the ice, but mostly gives TcfC a sharp mind and a solid player who dont need to be in the spotlight”. 

#14 banksy, FRS
1,99 (#16).
KPR: 0,75 (#26).
KDR: 1,24 (#12).
“Another unsung hero in two championship runs for FRS. Just like norberto the dutchmans greatest skill is a fantastic read on the game. Mostly a support player in FRS but also chimes in with many tactical aspects. What also makes him stand out as a support player is the ability to step up and lock down heated positions like bank on uo_dawnville and burnt on peaks. Very versatile. Without putting any ideas in anyones head you could say his profile is sort of what a team like Dreamteam lacks to reach the next level – a player that puts up numbers that makes the team succesful, not only the individual”.

#13 cartz, TcfC
Total: 2,01 (#15).
KPR: 0,73 (#31).
KDR: 1,28 (#10).
“An absolute legend and Hall of Famer in UO history – that has reinvented himself. Probably one of the most luxurious support players any team posses. Support you say? Yes, that’s the way I see cartz in 2021. Most of his spots on many maps is about enhancing his teammates to be their absolute best versions. Both by being the backup covering their ass, but also making sure the bomb plant happens, and defending it. One of the hardest players to kill, a fantastic clutcher – and make no mistake, the hungarians aim is still sharp. Didn’t play the first cup of the year, was sort of backup in the second cup, and came back strong for the third. With more playtime in 2022 we will certainly see cartz rise in the charts”.

#12 xratEd, FRS
Total: 1,98 (#17).
KPR: 0,77 (#22).
KDR: 1,22 (#17)
“The best dane to ever play UO? Well certainly if you ask Mr X himself. Two trophies and a silver medal in 2021 also speaks for itself. Has a strong drive to always improve, and has specialised in entryfragging/breaking the ice. One of the best in that specific role, at the same time as he does a lot of important planting in a frag heavy team. When playing almost all the contact spots on all maps it’s hard to keep a good stats sheet, but xratEd has managed to, while also making sure his team is succesful”.

#11 RnDll, fraggedby/e9
Total: 2,03 (#14).
KPR: 0,79 (#15).
KDR: 1,23 (#14).
“One of the most exciting recruits of the season was e9 trying to build a juggernaut by catching RnDll from fraggedby. It ended in the organisations best tournament of all time with a 4th spot in Summer Cup. ”Randy” started slow in his new environment but was in the end one of the best performers when it mattered in the playoff. In fraggedby he has kept improving for each cup and was dominating when the czech squad stole a map from both MiS and TcfC in the groupstage of FallCup. The albatross around his neck is a poor showing in the playoff of same cup where every other fraggedby player had better stats – something you never see otherwise. With the czech team winning ground for each cup we will certainly keep seeing RnDll high in the rankings in 2022 aswell”. 

#10 archiMedes, Darkfall/Dreamteam:
Total: 1,96 (#20).
KPR: 0,76 (#24).
KDR: 1,20 (#18)
“The one getting the highest rank despite barely making the list if you only look at statistics. Had a bit of a slow start in Darkfall, but bloomed into an allstar worthy member in their third-place-run in the SummerCup by putting up some nutty performances – especially in the playoff. Got recruited by Dreamteam and kept performing high numbers. The dutch team however was a dissapointment with an early exit in Fall Cup. What puts archi high in the list, except for his fragging, is that he plays a very sound teamgame, shows a lot of intellect with his plays, isn’t shy of being the first man to enter a site and is one of the best close combat fighters in the scene”.

#9 STVNO, TcfC
Total: 1,97 (#19).
KPR: 0,80 (#14).
KDR: 1,17 (#19).
“Just like archiMedes he is getting quite a bit higher on the rankings then what the stats show. Looking back at it the iMMORTALiS squad was more or less a two-men-team where STVNO was a part of the duo that carried the team into challenging, and also beating, some more talented lineups. What stands out with the hungarian, except exceptional Nvidia skills, is the ability to year after year perform on a steady high level. Never the best, but always far above average and a perfectly fine secondary carry. In the Fall Cup he hit peek form with countless of roundwinning plays, and a very worthy allstar team spot.”

#8 nanaaa, Darkfall
2,09 (#9).
KPR: 0,80 (#13).
KDR: 1,29 (#9).
“It’s hard to position the welshmen who only played 1,5 cup this year. He did perform on a level just slightly behind top 5 though and it’s apparent he is the missing piece right now for MiS to be able to compete with the absolute best. Steves roof of potential is to be #1, mostly thanks to an incredible rifle, but over the years he also improved his spray. Hopefully we will see more of him in 2022 since he sharpens the competition”.

#7 Bassie, Dreamteam
Total: 2,20 (#6).
KPR: 0,83 (#8).
KDR: 1,38 (#6).
“Often gets to symbolise the Dreamteam that crushes everyone in groups only to fall flat in playoffs. It’s a bit unfair since Bassie has had some fine playoff games aswell, just not consistently as good as when groups are played. One of the players you rather avoid duels with thanks to his smooth peeking. Also perhaps the most lethal player with a Mosin. A guy that could very well be #1 in 2022 if he only can reach his full potential when it really matters”. 

#6 Ace, e9/FRS
2,33 (#4).
KPR: 0,94 (#4).
KDR: 1,39 (#4).
“One thing you can be certain of is that Ace wont leave games quiet. Perhaps the best fragger there is right now, with a wide variety in how to find ways to pop your head. Showed that he can perform regardless of being in e9 or FRS. What the croatian has got left to show is whether he can transfer his raw talent into making his teams into winners. A 4th place with e9 and silver medal with FRS is not bad, but also not more then expected”.

#5 Hatcheriii, FRS
Total: 2,69 (#1).
KPR: 0,96 (#3).
KDR: 1,73 (#1).
“Sort of only played 1,5 cup but it’s impossible to not mention the first cup of the year where the finnish player became MVP after one of the more dominating performances we have seen since by topfragging almost every game and taking FRS to a title that was by no means completely expected. His total score that cup was 2,95 – which can be compared with the two other MVP’s of the year (Summer Cup, TjEEEBi 2,36 and Fall Cup L1mewax 2,36). With more data Hatcheriii had made a run for the #1 spot, but for now we can only hope there is more to see in 2022. Certainly the guy that scares most opponents when connecting to the server”.

#4 Don, Dreamteam
Total: 2,20 (#7)
KPR: 0,85 (#5).
KDR: 1,35 (#7).
“The rifler only gets better for each cup and earns more and more respect. Perhaps the reason Dreamteam is pretty much unbeatable at this point on uo_powcamp. What makes Don stands out in the team is that he also seems to always perform nowadays. Even when the team dissapoints in high stake games, Don still puts up numbers. The consistency is his strongest improvement during the year and if he keeps playing on this level Dreamteam will always be a challenger for the trophy”.

#3 dietchi, FRS
Total: 2,12 (#8).
KPR: 0,83 (#6).
KDR: 1,29 (#9).
“No MVP’s this year for the belgian but twice in the allstar team. An unstoppable force at times that is extremely entertaining to watch with his incredible mechanics and pixelperfect aim. Versatile with both guns and playstyle even though he is at his true element when playing with aggression and shooting you in ”the fakkin face!”. Worth mentioning is that when FRS lost their first title dietchi still pulled close to a 30-bomb on railyard”.

2,29 (#5).
KPR: 0,79 (#19).
KDR: 1,50 (#3)
“Just like CSGO has had it’s ZywOo vs s1mple, you can say that 2021 turned into a TjEEEBi vs L1mewax. What speaks against TjEEEBi in this battle is that he sat out the first cup of the year. He later picked up his MVP coin in the Summer Cup and an allstar team spot during the Fall. Of all players in UO there are probably noone that makes as many perfect decisions, perfect plays or has as perfect movement as the finnish star. Possessing both a sick aim and great intellect makes him a nightmare for the enemies. Being able to switch freely between spray, Mosins, and even the sniper makes TjEEEBi a rare player being deadly with all three styles. As seen in the stats he also thrives in efficiency and not by fraghunting”.

#1 L1mewax, TcfC
Total: 2,53 (#2).
KPR: 0,98 (#2).
KDR: 1,55 (#2).
“The true carry of UO. Even when adding some more talent to TcfC he keeps putting up numbers that are above everyone else. In all three cups this year he was among the two best players in the whole tournament. What also kept improving for each game was his teamplay. And when TcfC finally broke the curse they did it with L1mewax bottomfragging a map for the first time (ever?). A true testiment that he now could have value for the team despite not being the fragger. What makes L1mewax so terrifying though is that he is a killing machine. When playing with confidence he is unstoppable. Probably the most allround arsenal since he is as deadly with spray, rifle and sniper. The 38 kills versus Darkfall on uo_dawnville in Summer Cup, most of them with a sniper, will likely be remembered for a very long time. This year he was also only beaten by Hatcheriii in the overall statistics. So in tough competition L1mewax is player of the year”.