VRB takes first win – upsets Error404

VRB takes first win – upsets Error404

The French team Variable took their first victory of the cup on Sunday evening. The opponent was Error 404 who had their 2nd showing on the first map of the evening: Stanjel. VRB started out firing on all cylinders and took 404 by storm and eventually won the map with a 18-6 scoreline with Ursal having a monster performance. The 2nd map was Peaks which was mostly a matter of formality – by the time the scoreboard said 7-7 the game was over and so the French could secure their first win of the 2021 Summer Cup.

  • Result: 25 - 13
  • Maps: mp_uo_stanjel / mp_peaks
  • PotM: Ursal

Ursal, n4xz, wallas, shorty, sMk

dano, gslr, redrum, raZZAH, diego


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  1. Ursal on fire !!!! GG all !!!

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