Variable Skill comes up short in return to UO scene

In their first match since 2008, Variable Skill comes up short vs Fast Evolution on Tigertown. Replay of the match available!

  • Result: 25 - 21
  • Maps: uo_harbor, tigertown
  • PotM: EPIXOR

Variable Skill is an oldschool COD:UO team that joined the Reborn Cup #4 just before the end of sign-up deadline. Their first official COD:UO match after 12 years was played on maps uo_harbor and tigertown vs Fast Evolution.

In what was an exciting match to watch, vrb looked strong on uo_harbor and took a commanding 15-9 lead after first map. Fast Evolution took advantage on Tigertown, where it was obvious that vrb lacked competitive map knowledge. After some strong allies pushes and even better Axis side, Fast Evolution won the map 16-6 and therefore the match 25-21.

You can watch the replay of the match here: