Pre-Playoffs interview 4 ft. Bassie & Davy

Pre-Playoffs interview 4 ft. Bassie & Davy

It’s Sunday that means that tonight we will be able to witness the last Quarter Final of the Winner Bracket. Prepare yourselves because the Dutch Derby is going to be a fun one considering the two teams have a great relationship with each other. The re-faced Dreamteam playing against the transfer mastermind klanm0r, so I’ve asked the usual questions from Bassie and Davy.


How satisfied are you with your team’s performance in the Group Stage?

Bassie: „Very satisfied about the performances so far, not just the 7 wins but I think we managed every game very well and didn’t feel any match we got in trouble. But there is a big difference between playing the Playoffs instead of the group phase, you can’t practice 2 maps before the match as you don’t know what map the opponent picks in the play offs. that is always a big challenge for us!”

Davy: „Yes, we are a team with new players who had to get used to each other. We showed that we could be a top5 team if we practice more. On some maps teams are afraid to play against us, but on other maps we would still lose 6-18/7-17. We still need to have better nade tactics and tactics overall, but it’s always fun to play with each other and everyone is flaming each other in a good way.”


What are your expectations for your team regarding the playoffs? Please make a prediction how far you will go in the WB and what do you think will be your final ranking at the end?

Bassie: „As tier 1 team you can’t settle for less than the tournament win, so that’s what we’re going for of course.

I think there are many teams with the same chances of winning the tournament like e9, Darkfall, FRS and TcfC.

Maybe TcfC is the team to beat, they play the most I think, and they are very in shape. That resulted in a great victory against FRS.”

Davy: „We don’t really have expectations. We know if we’d practice, we could reach LB finals, but we don’t really want to practice. We will lose against Dreamteam. After that we will win the first LB match, and after that hopefully we can surprise the next opponent. We’re not a GF contestant.”


What is your opinion who will win the WB, which teams will play the LB Final and who will win the GF at the end? Can you please make a guess about the Tournament MVP also?

Bassie: „Predicting DREAMTEAM will win the WB, FRS and TcfC will make out the LB Final which I give TcfC more chances at the moment. I’ll give DREAMTEAM the win in the Grand Final.

Tournament MVP will be decided in the Grand Final, Group phases says nothing! Hope it will be someone from DREAMTEAM, DON?”

Davy: „It’s really hard. Many teams have shown up and downs. I think TcfC will win the WB, it was great to see the oldschool lineup with cartz messy stvno limewax. But they could have an off day as well. There are three top tier teams (FRS/Dreamteam/TcfC) but also one underdog team(e9) with the best clutchers of the game. Let’s say I predict a GF without FRS for one time. But only when Snurk or Hatcheri or both don’t return to the game. GF will be TcfC vs Dreamteam. And I hope Dreamteam will win then, since I played with some of them for many years. But it will be hard, TcfC is a really good team now.

The MVP for me is Tjeebi, he and Hatcherii are just the best players in the game. However, they could easily frag 30 kills every map, they also play with brains and don’t rush for kills. They just keep their spots.“


Bassie and Don are playing in an insane form this cup and Dreamteam has shown in the Group A Tier 1 derby that they are more than a legit contender to get to the Grand Final by winning the Winners Bracket. The extra spice will be missed from the match since Davy won’t be able to play tonight, and he is not only will be missed by us viewers but his experience that he gives his team also. Join the stream tonight and until then comment your predictions under the interview, UBookie gives 75%-25% to Dreamteam.


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  1. LETS GOOOOOO, We dont hide behind a mask, we just say it how it is, A TIER FUCKING 1 TEAM. You guys can keep your silver, we only want the gold!

    Unfortunately I cant bet on this game after banking a lot of UB tokens from TcFc – eGz games. Maybe I can go to the store with a fake mustache and call me Monsieur Vessieau. Think the people at the bet offices aren’t that smart (sorry for the peeps that are working there, just calling it the way it is).

    For this match I have a new approach, since I didn’t game a lot. I developed a new style:

    I call it the floating butterfly:

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee; their aim can’t hit what their eyes can’t see.

    Basically I’ll be everywhere but with more care. Just for your imagination you can see it as a merged lime, hatcheri, tjeebi style. Still have to work on some details but on paper it looked pretty strong. Haven’t used it in real life yet.

    Btw i dont want to pay off klanmor but if they want to be invited to the annual BBQ then the results of this match are kinda important and i’ll tell you, Gona will be master chef BBQ so you can expect at least 700g steaks. For the vegetarians it is better if you’d stay home (sorry but no sorry).

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