Pre-Playoffs interview 3 ft. Stvno & Lucki

Pre-Playoffs interview 3 ft. Stvno & Lucki

After a nail biting 3 map double OT on Tuesday evening, we are back with another Quarter Final of the Winners Bracket. The Hungarian Hammers, TcfC will play against one of the best newly formed lineups, eGz. As earlier I’ve contacted the two captains again to get some insider information about the mental status of the teams.

How satisfied are you with your team’s performance in the Group Stage?

Stvno: „First of all, we have a very complete team, we have the base of IMT: Cartz, Cobra, Lime, Sly and me, we have a big comebacker Messy and 2 really good addition from ae norberto and Rvrsd.

We can almost start a match with an old full TcfC Lineup having Messy, Cartz, Lime and me as well. Back to our performance I’m completely satisfied what we have done during the group matches.

I would like to mention two important moments, in the first match we’ve met one of the most difficult opponent, e9 enigma and after a bad uo_stanjel we’ve managed to bring back the match with a very solid Peaks.

And the match against FRS, our big rival for a long time, where after a long time we’ve managed to defeat them again in an official match. As a key to our success, I would mention teamplay which worked very well during group matches and we didn’t depend only on the daily form of the individuals.”

Lucki: „It’s very surprising how we play. We have a variety of different gamers and we are also coming from very different countries of Europe. We also need to work on our info and it’s sometimes hard to understand each other. But nevertheless, we have much fun and a proper med team, I think. Also, after 2 cups I think we have grown as team and we are getting more stable team to play. I can see a lot of teams that playing since the beginning from cod together. We are definitely not but it’s very inspiring how we all find a connection in one team.

Our performance goes further than just in game. We share lots of stories and have next to gaming a nice WhatsApp group chat where we share those stories.”


What are your expectations for your team regarding the playoffs? Please make a prediction how far you will go in the WB and what do you think will be your final ranking at the end?

Stvno: „Riding our good form, my expectations are clear, I expect a final from the team but it will be very difficult because I feel we have 5 teams with similar skill level and a lot of things will be decided by the daily form.”

Lucki: „We made it very close last games and had 2 draw games against TcfC in ladders and pcws. Also, Darkfall game was a pretty close one and we think we had actually a chance to win.

I think we can make it far in the games but FRS & e9 are those teams that go away with the trophy. If everything goes as plan, we might be very surprising and end in top 3 or 4 this cup.

We are a team with individual skill and our teamplay needs to be on point.”


What is your opinion who will win the WB, which teams will play the LB Final and who will win the GF at the end? Can you please make a guess about the Tournament MVP also?

Stvno: „Of course I want us to win the WB and if that happens then I hope the FRS wins the LB and so we can play a classic final with our win but  DT, DF, e9 teams all have good chance to be at the final.

Predicting the MVP is very difficult as it mostly depends on who is the winning team, seeing the statistics it easily could be Bassie, Limewax, Tjeebi, Ace or nana.”

Lucki: „1st FRS, 2nd e9, 3rd darkfall/egz/tcfc (blushing emoji)

MVP Anglhz/Ace ”


The 1st of the Group B will play against the 4th of the Group A which normally would indicate a smooth game, but if we look at the expected lineups and the potentials we can all agree that a Quarter Final is rarely gets better than this one. It might not be 80 rounds long extravaganza as it was in Df vs e9, but we can expect a high-level game spiced up with extraordinary individual performances from both sides.

UBookie gives 70%-30% for the Hungarian side.


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  1. Hey friends, there we are again. Another day another comment from Don under an UB-post.

    Tonight will be an exiciting match. I expect TCFC to win it convincingly tho. eGz might get fairly close to a map win on their map choice, but I expect TCFC to dominate on their map. Betting my UB tokens on TCFC tonight (I have a 100% succesfull betting rate btw in the playoffs, just saying).

    Btw norberto, the BBQ was nice. I expect you to be there aswell on the annual CoDUO bbq in the Netherlands (It is only a 1 hour drive from your workplace).

    Also, for whoever is streaming the game tonight, make sure to spectate the tcfc guys alot at the start of the round so I can spot some tricknades for my PDF-file.

    Don is out (CYA!)

  2. Holy Guacamoly reading some things that are quite the statement.

    The tournament favorites (probably) vs some Ch(g)aos(z) lads, we’ve seen some historic wins, just think about David vs Goliath so it is possible. Maybe we’ll see the upset of the tournament. But i’m afraid lucki’s drug trip will come soon to an end when we see limewax connect to the server. So far TcFc has been playing like a professional organisation. Play a lot and drink plenty of palinka.

    So I’m afraid ive to use 95% of my UB tokens to bet on TcFc win.
    30 tokens = 2 – 0 TcFc close win on home map eGz (pay out 35 tokens)
    20 tokens = 2 – 1 TcFc win (payout 35 tokens, this is more of a tactical hedge to limit downside)
    10 tokens = Anglz is top fragging for eGz (pay out 40 tokens)
    20 tokens = Limewax is top fragging (pay out 30 tokens)
    5 tokens = Lime = Lime and shines like vs that FRS game (pay out 15 tokens)
    5 tokens = we’ll see minimum 3x KONNYUUU KILLL :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (pay out 20 tokens)
    5 tokens = Lucki is most of time last man a live for eGz (pay out 15 tokens)

    By the way @don dont forget to clean the grill!! Last time we used that BBQ we had crispy bacon from 2 years ago. I don’t mind aged meat, i mean if you look at wine, the older the better. However for first timers it could be a bit overwelming (rookie bbq’ers).

    Funny thing to know, sometimes I bbq alone but then im to lazy to fire it on so i just put the grill in hot water so it gets a bit hotter. Then I put my steak on it and eat it super-rare. Brilliant and really nice. Keeps it juicy!!!\

    For now I’m out :peace:

    Have busy schedule but hopefully I’ll make it on time for the chat!! Not sure, very busy, very busy but have to place the bet really fast and then send some paypal money (no bribes or something like that. Just some one needs paypal money!!!)

    Have a good one!!!


    xProtec (dreamteam, steak eater, pro gambler)

    Bye bye!!

    • Ye indeed there are truely some (very) interesting statements in this interview. I hope for lucki his drug trip will last atleast till after tonight’s match, because they will need it against a strong TcFc (btw lucki, please provide me with the stuff you are using aswell, would love to try it out on a saturday evening).

      Nice bets you also placed there Protec. Some of these odds are really weird tho:
      1. 15 tokens payout on lucki being the last man alive the most times, really? There is almost a guarantee that Lucki will be last man standing in 90% of the rounds. @admins, can I also bet real life money on this one? Im going all-in then.

      Have a good one Protec and i’ll see you around!

      Cheers mate

    • Yes LOL indeed, i saw a discrepancy in the order book, was a good catch. I was suprised with those odds on lucki last man standing!!! Such a crucial player for the eGz Lads. Should have gone [ALL IN]. Think it has a quotation of 1,05 now!

      Hopefully they took the right drugs though, dont want them seeing wandering around in full lsd-pado trip rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL) haha :crying from laughing emoji:

      Yes we’ll be seeing each other probably around very soon! Good talking to you.

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