Pre-Playoffs interview 2 ft. prm & Ace

Pre-Playoffs interview 2 ft. prm & Ace

First day of the Playoffs is promising us the biggest banger of the first round of the Winners Bracket, the always improving e9 enigma facing off against the runner up of the Reborn #4 Darkfall. Prepare your popcorn and enjoy this CoD:UO fiesta, here’s a little heads up from the captains what to expect.

How satisfied are you with your team’s performance in the Group Stage?

prm: I think we did great so far. We expected to win all games except against Dreamteam. We knew it would be a tough game as they have improved a lot from the previous cup. Glad to see my bros from g-chat gang popping off and unleashing their full potential.”

Ace: I’m satisfied with e9’s performance in the group stage as we have again a new lineup that needs mileage together. Both losses were tight matches that we should had finished better so there is lots of room for improvement.”


What are your expectations for your team regarding the playoffs? Please make a prediction how far you will go in the WB and what do you think will be your final ranking at the end?

prm: We got a pretty rough game again at the start of the playoffs. If we win the first match, there’s probably waiting an even stronger team if not the strongest team atm. But I think that we will manage to finish top 3 this cup. Of course we are always trying to win it all, but let’s see where our journey ends this time. Hopefully not choking the grand final again.”

Ace: „If we manage to win against DF I think we can go deep into the cup since we are missing a bit of team confidence. A victory would be a fair slingshot for us. I believe we can reach the final. ”


What is your opinion who will win the WB, which teams will play the LB Final and who will win the GF at the end? Can you please make a guess about the Tournament MVP also?

prm: WB winners either FRS or TCFC. Both teams looking really strong so far and FRS managed to lose another game before playoffs which will make them grind again. LB winners FRS, Darkfall, or Dreamteam. Can’t really tell one team. GF between FRS and TCFC will be a close game, but FRS will win it all. Tournament MVP will be steve or dietchi. Doubt there’s anyone close to these two regarding their impact on their teams. Of course i will be cheering for steve ;).”

Ace: „I believe WB will be won by either FRS or DT. I would give a slight advantage to DT as they seem to be in top form recently. I see a e9 vs FRS LB final. Rematch.

As for the tournament MVP, tjebi seems to be performing crazy numbers, as he usually does. But there are many others who can take the cake as more and more players seem to be playing out of their mind recently like Limewax, Bassie, Don, etc.”


I personally think that because of the fact Darkfall basically having the same line up this cup, the consistency and the more oiled team plays on the maps we have in our map pool making them the favorite of the game. However, based on the performance from e9 and their new additions to their squad you can never write them off. UBookie gives 55%-45% to Darkfall, make your bets.


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  1. Dietchi *tries to play the underdog role.*
    Prm (hold my beer) but FRS will win it all.
    Dietchi *suprised pickachu emote*


    Good read yet again.

    Brb, hopefully i’m in time back, have to place a bet.

  2. I personally think the e9 vs DF game will be for sure the closest one of the first 4 matches to be played in the WB. Both teams having greatly skilled players on their roster. I think it will all depend on the form of those players tonight! I’ll give the (slight) advantage to DF tonight.

    Looking forward to watching 3 (all very close) maps.

    I’m betting my UBookie’s on darkfall tonight!

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