Pre-Playoffs interview 1 ft. dietchi & Fronti

Pre-Playoffs interview 1 ft. dietchi & Fronti

The Playoffs will kick off today with the reigning 3-time champions First Recon Squad vs the German side lOwzZ~Clan. For this reason we have contacted all the team captains from the Winners Bracket with a few questions, to create material for the pre-game reports, but more importantly to see some insight how are they seeing their performances, and what are their predictions and expectations about the Playoffs.

How satisfied are you with your team’s performance in the Group Stage?

Fronti: “I am very satisfied with our performance, looking back the only match I feel we should’ve won is against Fraggedby, but apart from that we’ve finished strong in the 3rd position.”

Dietchi: “Besides some games which should have been a little more convincing to us, we’re pretty happy with the results we’ve put down. Everyone has had to step up where needed and I think someone like invi has certainly been shining where needed in games. Considering he’s never been a part of the main lineup he’s doing an absolute fantastic job. Overall, this was for us the perfect way to start figuring out on which maps we still need to work on a little bit to improve considering it’s very difficult for us to find any games between cups. This cup we’re working with a lineup consisting mainly of “Young” FRS members which we have to admit feels a little bit different compared to previous cups in terms of our game plan and coordination at times but it’s certainly not something we can’t manage. We’re looking forwards to further develop our squad with our heads raised high going into the next stage of the Summer Cup.”


What are your expectations for your team regarding the playoffs? Please make a prediction how far you will go in the WB and what do you think will be your final ranking at the end?

Fronti: “I expect a 2:1 loss against the reigning champions, but I believe that we have the potential to reach 6th place in this competition.”

Dietchi: “Facing both lOwzZ~Clan and Dreamteam is something we’ve done in previous tournaments as well with a positive result so we’re certainly happy to face these teams again and show we can repeat history. We’re very aware that it’ll be a lot more tough compared to earlier tournaments due to all the teams making immense improvements once again. The game against Dreamteam for example will truly be an exciting one considering both teams have a fairly good idea of what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are on certain maps. We’re confident going into this playoff with hopefully another Grand Final under our belts.”


What is your opinion who will win the WB, which teams will play the LB Final and who will win the GF at the end? Can you please make a guess about the Tournament MVP also?

Fronti: “At the same time, I think they (FRS) won’t reach the Grand Final, because I expect TcfC to beat Dreamteam there 2:0, FRS will finish as 3rd and e9 as 4th. But in case the champs are re-activating some greats like Hatcheri, Snurk and Jsons they’ll bring it home.

My top 3 contenders for MVP are Ace, Limewax and Dietchi in this order.”

Dietchi: “We are very realistic in the sense that this might be the first time FRS will be seen in the lower bracket. But I’m convinced that if we end up in the lower bracket, it will be due to a possible loss in the WB final and not earlier. Again, we are very realistic in the sense that another team might take the trophy this time around, but we have a spot reserved on our trophy shelf next to the other 3 where the Summer Cup trophy belongs. Winner Bracket final will be played between First Recon Squad and The Cod Fanatics Clan where TcfC will meet Darkfall in the Lower Bracket final to have a final attempt at cracking the FRS code in the final.

Tournament MVP: TjEEEBi (for the insane 1v5 bash clutch + defuse to bring in the 25th round in a row against TcfC in the Grand Final.)”


Very exciting match to start off the Playoffs, with two well established teams in the scene. Even if some people expect the results to be 2:0 to FRS, which I agree with, but I am personally more than sure that we will see more than convincing resistance on both maps from the German team.

Thanks for the captains for their answers, and good luck for their game against each other.


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  1. Very nice interview, enjoyed reading it. Thanks for answering the questions that norberto asked you. Hopefully the serie will continue. When will the screenshots of the chat’s be leaked?

    ‘show we can repeat history’ KEKW @dietchi the underdog role isn’t really convincing now is it?! I SAW YOU PLAY WAWA!!

    Protec (dreamteam) signs out (peace)

  2. What a lovely read. Didn’t expect anything else when I saw a post from the best admin himself (norberto). Looking forward to watching the game and ofcourse i’ll be cheering in the twitch chat for both teams.

    Good luck in the battlefield friends and may the best win!

    Kind regards and enjoy the weather everyone,

    • Oh yea damnn!! The weather is so nice. Its 24 degrees here. At yours? Funny thing is, cheese sweats when it gets to hot. That is why you Freeze the Cheese!!!

    • Thanks for the reply protec. The weather is indeed really nice. Tomorrow I’m hosting a little barbeque for friends and family. If anyone from the CoDUO scene wants to join as well feel free to send me a PM!

      (Btw: afterwards Dreamteam might look for a PCW in the evening, anyone up for 5v5 20:30~?)

    • Hey @don, oh yes nice BBQ that is typical for a DT players. Think its our speciality. Maybe I will swing on my BBQ as well. Have a nice steak from @gona. He will be the bbq chef master at the Dreamteam annual bbq meeting.

      If i am being honest, i don’t really like vegetables on the BBQ think it is a waste of BBQ space. Blehh, meat is what you need.

      I will send you a PM (and no, i dont mean Prime Minister Mark Rutte ha-ha).

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