We are close to be witnessing the Winners Bracket Final between the reining 3 time champions FRS and one of their old nemesis, the Hungarian TcfC. In that occasion I have been interviewing the two captains, in the second part you can read how the TcfC side is approaching the game.


Do you analyze game stats in your team? If yes, what stats and how do you use them?

Stvno: “Yes we do!

We have a nice excel which contains basics individual stats like kpr, kpd, entry frag counts

and team stats like how many entries we had on each map, percentage of winning these etc.”


How are your team preparing for games? What is the general process and what differs to certain opponents?

Stvno: “The best preparation is to keep hands warm and play together as much as we can.

On the other hand tactical preparation is important, a typical process to prepare for our next opponent is like this:

we have a team talk when we discuss on which maps we have the best chance against our next opponent and try to guess what map they are going to choose.

After we make tactics for each maps specified to our opponent, prepare for different game situations, where to move in a particular case and last we are practicing some nades.”


What do you think of FRS, your next opponent? What do you think are the key factors to beat them?

Stvno: “Our biggest rival and perhaps the longest rivalry in CoDUO history and we can still surprise each other (last time carentan :D).

Since Limewax can’t play, everyone has to step up one level to keep our chances of winning.

If we are going to work well as a team then we can win the match but everybody knows FRS, insanely hard to beat them.”


How do you look back on the previous game between your teams? What are the key learnings that you are going to focus much more from that experience?

Stvno: “Although we beat them in the previous match, there was also something to learn from that match for example how not to give away a won round, think back Tjeebi’s crazy 1v4 clutch.”


Limewax is not allowed to play the next game, how much will he be missed (#1 in PO stats, 2#overall)? Who is going to step up, who is going to be playing with more freedom than before?

Stvno: “Of course it is a huge disadvantage if you are going to miss your player with the best stats, I can’t highlight anyone who going to play with more freedom, we have to work better as a team now and as I mentioned before everyone has to step up and give more than 100%.”


What can we expect from your game against FRS? Can you please make a score prediction?

Stvno: “It’s really hard to predict but let’s say

Uo_stanjel(TcfC): 13-8 to TcfC

Uo_depot(FRS): 13-8 to FRS

Decider Streets: 13-10 to TcfC”


Seeing the interviews, we can say that both captains are conservatively optimistic that the game will go in their favor. One thing is for sure, no matter who will be playing from the side of the Hungarians it will be a top quality head banger between the two giants.

UBookie gives 55%-45% to FRS.

All information about the game and stream will be posted in the discord channel, until then please feel free to share your thoughts and predictions about the game here!


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  1. 1 min before closing of the bets. Interview is very convincing. Might trow in a couple stacks of UB tokens on STVNO MVP.

  2. I missed limewax but stvno was in the race for MVP

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