Pre-game interview FRS vs TcfC part1 ft. dietchi

Pre-game interview FRS vs TcfC part1 ft. dietchi

We are close to be witnessing the Winners Bracket Final between the reining 3 time champions FRS and one of their old nemesis, the Hungarian TcfC. In the occasion I have been interviewing the two captains, in the first part you can read how the FRS side is approaching the game.

Do you analyze game stats in your team? If yes, what stats and how do you use them?

dietchi: “This would be a great question for our statistical genius SnuRk haha. But for this cup i’m not sure if he is tracking individual performances. In previous cups he did quite some extended and advanced statistics for example:

  • Amount of rounds we won after we got the opening kill
  • % of opening duels we won and who won the most opening kills

I can’t blame him for not doing it anymore though. It’s something that takes quite some time as he has to go through the demos manually and gather the statistics.

Mostly he would surprise us with these stats at the end of a cup to put the cherry on top after a Cup win so no, we didn’t really use them to gain any tactical advantage.

Besides some trolling about Tjeebi stat padding again we don’t really think about statistics. If you go to deep into them and notice that you are performing worse than before you might get into the wrong mindset.”


How is your team preparing for games? What is the general process and what differs when you are playing certain opponents?

dietchi: “I don’t think we have a unique way of preparing for the games. We’re all pretty much on the same line when it comes to map-picks in these playoffs and tend to agree rather quickly. Then we have some counter-map pick discussions to figure out what we might have to prepare for and then we hop into some practice games and in the actual game over the next days.

There is no real difference anymore compared to a year ago when it comes to prepping opponents. It has to be said that every team is improving like crazy and none of them should be underestimated anymore.”


What do you think of TcfC, your next opponent? What do you think are the key factors to beat them?

dietchi: “It’s a real bummer for them they’re not able to play with L1mewax in the upcomming game, one of their biggest impact fraggers of the team.

TcfC with the addition of Norberto and rvrsd has become quite a scary team. Norberto with some additional tactical input as well as being able to frag out consistently and rvrsd who has been pretty consistent over the past year has been a real upgrade. MESSY coming back pretty much fulltime has been another great addition in terms of firepower which they seemed to lack during the Immortalis days.

Key factors to beat them is to not get stuck into the same pattern as what happened on carentan during the groups. We couldn’t find an answer to their offense which clearly showed. We have to stick to what we’re used to and feel comfortable with, keep our spirits up and know we can bounce back at any time.”


How do you look back on the previous game between your teams? What are the key learnings that you are going to focus much more from that experience?

 dietchi: “The first thing that comes to mind is to not underestimate any of the teams throughout the cup.

The weeks before our group game against TcfC our carentan felt incredibly good to the point we didn’t really need a lot more practice on it. And I think everyone knows what happened next. We did underestimate the things TcfC would come up with, and they deserved the win more than anything.

Think the same applied to lOwzZ in the playoff stage. Sure enough UO Stanjel was probably the last map pick we expected from them but we went in pretty comfy considering the history FRS has on stanjel. Our Russian side went great and that same mindset got a little bit beat up during the German half. Once we started to figure it out though we found the opening which brought us the rounds we needed to close that one out.

Considering klanm0r dropped Dreamteam to lower bracket we certainly couldn’t underestimate them. We played our harbor pretty much as per usual but we seriously got unlucky in certain rounds. Rounds that should’ve never been lost was the edge for klanmor to take that one home. From there on we pretty much brought it home convincingly. Props to them for picking Harbor against us though, a map that has been quite strong for us in the past cups.”


You’ve lost a Finn and the other one is back. Tjeebi is currently #3 in the overall stats, and he has been trying out the sniper rifle with quite a success. What’s his role now returning, and what does he mean to your team?

dietchi: “Everyone in FRS is completely free to what they want to do in the game. We do not have set roles for everyone besides the ones everyone feels themselves like. Think the most obvious example would be SnuRk. One round he’ll sit in spawn to take you out with the scope, next round he’ll be in your face with a sprayer.

Previous cups we’ve always had SnuRk with the sniper, and I guess Tjeebi felt the need to replace that role, and indeed with quite huge success. Having Tjeebi back in the lineup brings a lot more stability and error margin in a way. Out of everyone in FRS I think Tjeebi has the highest clutch rate which allows us to make that extra mistake we otherwise can’t afford to make.

He also brings a lot of calmth in the squad, he never gets mad at anything and has a great personality to joke around within the seriousness. It’s truly a personality that cannot be missed in a team and we’re glad he’s back.”


You as an ex tournament MVP were expected to be the other powerhouse with the absence of Hatcheri and the other old FRS players, but the other part of the dream duo putting up top10 numbers overall and currently above Tjeebi in the playoff stats. What has changed in your roles and do you think xrated is underrated?

 dietchi: “Haha yeah I have dropped off a little bit compared to a year ago but that balances out perfectly with everyone else putting up some incredible performances.

Not really anything changed regarding roles. xratEd started off the groups with incredible performances dropping 30 frags and more if needed. After he was a little more quiet in game but he certainly has found his groove again. If he feels it.. Yeah he’s gonna make sure everyone in the team is feeling it and will bring that win home.

Is he underrated? I think so yeah! He’s got incredible raw talent at the game being able to pick up any weapon and perform. But besides the numbers he’s putting up in game he’s a super nice dude who together with banksy always sparks the team when we’re losing it a little bit in a game. The motivation and positive vibes he brings into the team is already more than worth, but the fact that he’s performing like a madman as well is just a dream come true.”


What can we expect from your game against TcfC? Can you please make a score prediction!

dietchi: “Think what we can expect is a Carentan or Germantown pick :wink:. Again I have to mention the fact that it’s a bummer they’re unable to unleash the beast in limewax which i’m convinced will play a huge role in the midround plays department. Limewax is the guy that can pull any situation into a positive one within seconds, and i’m not sure if someone else has the capabilities to fill in this role that quickly.

For continuity sake, FRS can not land in the lower bracket. So therefor i’ll be going with a 2-1 score for FRS with 1 overtime on any map.”


+1 for the fans (=Protec and Don), is FRS underrated this cup?

dietchi: “I think everyone else doesn’t see us as underdogs purely due to the FRS banner that we’re living under.

We have to admit that when we started out in the cup we didn’t play at 100% strength which has now been restored. It took some time to find that synergy again, especially with invi joining the main lineup and tjeebi coming back from a little break, but we’re more than comfortable now with the way it’s going.

It’s an absolute pleasure that we can pick any lineup and know that we’ll be in that top3 finish as we have proven once again. Let’s find out if KYRPE can find his groove fast enough within the team so he can bring home the trophy and we’ll never hear the end of that (wink emoji)”


All information about the game and stream will be posted in the discord channel, until then please feel free to share your thoughts and predictions about the game here!


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