In the other side of the LB we will have another interesting game, e9 is going to play against klanm0r. Both teams have shown strength throughout the tournament, but this time only one can proceed to the next round. Let’s see what Windje can share with us about his team!


Do you analyze game stats in your team? If yes, what stats and how do you use them?

Windje: „No, I do check back the game if it was streamed, but that’s about it. I must say it was nice to see the entry frags in the game against Darkfall #shoutouttofloppy”


How are your team preparing for games? What is the general process and what differs to certain opponents?

Windje: „Play together, practice a few nades/smokes on potential maps. Apart from that not much, if we play on Brit maps I might fire up some Imperio and play with the Bren for a while, but I think I’m the only one of our team who does that.”


What do you think of e9, your next opponent? What do you think are the key factors to beat them?

Windje: „Very strong team, our match in the group stages showed that. Although we lost it, I think with some better teamplay in 3v3 situations and such we can definitely take the match. Seeing how we’ve improved since the group stages gives me quite a bit of confidence, we can take it.”


How do you look back on the previous game between your teams? What are the key learnings that you are going to focus much more from that experience?

Windje: „I think since the group stages we’ve started communicating as a team a lot better, that was also one of the issues when we faced them in the group stages, we weren’t able to win rounds that in hindsight should’ve been ours. That hasn’t happened too much in our playoffs run yet. So I’m pretty confident it’ll be a good/close game this time.”


skz has established himself a top player earlier and this cup he didn’t let down, he has been top performing so far in your team (inside top 20 overall). Please talk about his importance and role, what he gives to the team!

Windje: „Luckily for us Thomas will be able to play, as e9 helped us out with the scheduling quite a bit (thank you e9). I’ve found Skz to be quite a calming presence in our team, it’s not someone I expect to entry frag every round. But he is definitely someone who knows how to play smart and outplay enemies in situations where you’ve got the advantage. Generally, a player that doesn’t make a lot of mistakes in game, he also rotates very well.”


Davy have missed some games in the tournament, but when he was there currently, he has the best stats in the playoffs in your team. How did davy reinvent himself in a new team after such a long time, and what can we expect from him for the rest of the tournament?

Windje: „Davy does davy things, I don’t really know what else to say. He has been a beast on uo harbor against frs for example. It mostly comes down to letting him do whatever he wants to do in game. He also doesn’t mind switching things up if one player is playing bad somewhere.”


What can we expect from your game against e9? Can you please make a score prediction?

Windje: „Hopefully a close and intense game of Call of Duty. 2-1 klanm0r win with at least 1 overtime”


I feel since klanm0r’s victory against DT and their impressive performance on harbor against FRS we can’t write them off, however e9 was and still is a team which is constantly trying to get into the tier1 while klanm0r is just establishing their names and position to be a force to recon with. The game will be tight but, in my opinion, e9 has the advantage especially seeing their group match result. Can klanm0r surprise us once again?
UBookie gives 60%-40% to e9.


All information about the game and stream will be posted in the discord channel, until then please feel free to share your thoughts and predictions about the game here!


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