In the other side of the LB we will have another interesting game, e9 is going to play against klanm0r. Both teams have shown strength throughout the tournament, but this time only one can proceed to the next round. Let’s see what Ace can share with us about his team!


Do you analyze game stats in your team? If yes, what stats and how do you use them?

Ace: “No, we don’t analyze stats.”


How are your team preparing for games? What is the general process and what differs to certain opponents?

Ace: “The team is taking the whole cup lightheartedly, so we mostly do a brainstorm before the match, we agree on what we are going to do, do a team-fundamentals run and just go with the flow.”


What do you think of your next opponent, klanm0r? What do you think are the key factors to beat them?

Ace: “Klanmor is an up-and-rising team and it’s delightful to see them doing well in this cup. They made tier1 teams sweat and even beat DT which I believe no-one thought was possible. It will be crucial to exploit their weaknesses which I won’t precise.”


How do you look back on the previous game between your teams? What are the key learnings that you are going to focus much more from that experience?

Ace: “We’ve won quite convincingly and if we play as we played before, I think taking a W shouldn’t be a problem.”


Karma is putting up some insane numbers in the playoffs, he has all the chances to finish in top10 regarding playoffs stats. If we think about e9 we tend to think first about the Ace shows but now Toni is the one leading the team. Was it a planned change or what is the secret behind his consistent top performances?

Ace: “kARMa promised he would perform better in the playoffs because king threatened him with pay cut. 😀 He is still a new CoD:UO-in-transition player so I think with more experience in the mechanics of the game he will develop even more. I’d say he is on 70%. So yeah, beware.”


In overall stats you are still the leader of your team, but how satisfied are you with your own performances, did you change/adapt/reinvented your role since last cups because of the lineup changes, or should we expect the same game style as we all know from you?

Ace: “I believe all my teammates are capable of doing the stuff/numbers I do. With more wars behind us the numbers will become unpredictable in our team, it will solely depend on who has the best day. We are still experimenting with roles as we rolled in some new players. The cool part is that everyone wants to try doing different roles, it has been a lot of fun playing around. I think we will know the best when it’s gonna click.”


What can we expect from your game against klanm0r? Can you please make a score prediction?

Ace: “I think we will manage to snatch a victory here. If we play concentrated and like a team, I think they don’t stand a chance. 2:1 for us.”


All information about the game and stream will be posted in the discord channel, until then please feel free to share your thoughts and predictions about the game here!


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