One of the longest matches of UnitedBase history was played between PF and DF last cup, at a similarly late stage of the competition. Since then Pokerfaces has been transformed into Dreamteam and they have already met in the group stages, but both captains expect something just as close game as last cup’s playoff. Let’s hear what Bassie has to say about it!


Do you analyze game stats in your team? If yes, what stats and how do you use them?

Bassie: “Besides making a quick KD stats after the poulephase (Snurk Stats) we don’t analyze our stats after the games. Mostly we laugh at REAZON or Mr. Backseatgaming Vester since they fight a few times for the bottom spot.”


How are your team preparing for games? What is the general process and what differs to certain opponents?

Bassie: “Since we don’t have much time left to play last weeks, we prepare +-1 hour before the game. 5 minutes nade prac and then we choose a spot in the map where you only allowed to shoot, so we have some fun before the game. Makes us relax?

Difference between other teams is that they play a lot of PCW’s. You don’t see often DREAMTEAM playing pcw’s besides on the day we have to play a UB match.”


What do you think of Darkfall, your next opponent? What do you think are the key factors to beat them?

Bassie: “Darkfall is a great team with an exceptional player, Steve, which we have to take out to make any chance of winning.

As team I estimate us higher at the moment so we’re going full for the win!”


How do you look back on the previous game between your teams? What are the key learnings that you are going to focus much more from that experience?

Bassie: “Last game was in the group phase against Darkfall. I think they were unhappy and a bit out of shape at that time.

We had close fights which fell our way every round. The last match felt ‘too easy’ as we should not underestimate them now!

Our matches are always very close and gives the viewers a lot of pleasure.”


How important is Magician for your team? Topping the stats and didn’t play the one game you lost. Why is he so important?

Bassie: “Masi is fantastic for our team. We have 1 rule in our team, when Masi calls, you HAVE to listen. Calls on point. Unfortunately, he played not so much matches as he can’t play that often.

It’s now time for Masi to show in big matches because from now we only face top teams. “


Fr1TuuR is quite underrated sitting currently at a total #17 spot in the All-Star ranking being ahead of many bigger profiles. Describe his role and what makes him perform so well?

Bassie: “I feel Fr1TuuR is the most underrated player at the moment. There is always a spot on the map where you don’t want to play at and that’s exactly where we put Fr1TuuR on. And with that conscience he does it always excellent.

Fr1Tuur needs 3 beers before the match and then he is at his top level. He also often coaches himself that things have to be improved by himself, he makes us laugh a lot!

By the way, I’m not entirely objective. Fr1TuuR is a good friend of mine outside of this game, so I would always choose him.”


What can we expect from your game against Darkfall? Can you please make a score prediction?

Bassie: “You can expect a chill DREAMTEAM which will do their best to beat Darkfall. I think we pick Tigertown since we improve a lot on that map at the moment.

DREAMTEAM 2 – 1 Darkfall – 3 Overtimes.”


All information about the game and stream will be posted in the discord channel, until then please feel free to share your thoughts and predictions about the game here! Tomorrow I will be back with the second part of the interview!


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  1. Holy Guacamoly I need to grab a quick ‘pulleke’ chips and backseat this interview with bassie.

    Honestly we do everything for the viewers and the UB tokens. Raking in money big time.

    Tigertown ONE LOVE. Best map imho. Please @admins can we gat TGT only cup, SD HQ TDM CTF pretty please?

    Other teams:
    Frs Snurk: Hello guys ive updated 20 pages of excel sheets after this last match, our winrate should have had a 0,01% higher conversion rate but overall perfomance is in line with the last 20 years of analytics.

    Tcfc Stvno: So we want to improve our game, lets play more pcw’s, prac more and use excel like frs we can clearly become number 1 team.

    Dreamteam Bassie: Lets just read snurks post (or well someone has to read it aloud).

    Btw, backseatgaming is not something you should take lightly. When I choose the backseatgaming-approach I know we can easily win and I do what I should do perfectly. Don’t know if everybody remembers the game vs klanmor but after that match Bassie went missing for a period of time. Dunno think he fell of the scoreboard.

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