FRS defeats klanm0r in close-fought match

FRS defeats klanm0r in close-fought match

Reigning champions FRS managed to fend off a solid performance from Dutch clan klanm0r to secure a 25-18 victory in a match in death group B.

  • Result: 25 - 18
  • Maps: UO Depot, UO POWCamp
  • PotM: dietchi

dietchi, xratEd, banksy, inv1sible, TjEEEBi

Windje, EXPLODE, skz, davy, DEVIN

While the game ended with a seven-round difference for the eventual winners, the match was far more closer than anyone expected, with klanm0r standing toe-to-toe with the three-time champions on both maps.

This included a narrow 13-11 defeat that was decided on the last round of first map UO Depot, and a strong German side on UO POWCamp for klanm0r, which allowed it to stay close to FRS. Unfortunately, things fell apart for the Dutch clan on the Russian side, where they only managed to secure one round, allowing FRS to secure the 11-7 score they needed to win the game.



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  1. ggwp guys. Excited to see the damage you can do in playoffs. Had us sweating for sure 🙂

  2. Good read (Thumbs up)

    Unfortunately Koen wasnt playing for klanmore otherwise maybe 25-18 the other way around?

    Wp both teams!!

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