error404 welcomes Team Sequel to UO – beats newcomers 25-12

error404 welcomes Team Sequel to UO – beats newcomers 25-12

Team Sequel had a tough debut against error404 who won first map 16-8 and never looked back.

  • Result: 25 - 12
  • Maps: mp_railyard / mp_uo_depot
  • PotM: diego

diego, redrum, dano, yakuziaa, rAZZAH

vioqor, devzr, pussY, tigergang, cRRyp

Coming into the game both teams were looking for a good first impression, considering that it was the first official UO tournament match for the clans. e404 was the favorite to win in the pre-match predictions since the opposing Team Sequel is a newcomer in the scene. Yakuzia’s team started Railyard on the statistically easier side, as allies, and successfully surprised the opponent with good utility usage and fast plants. However, as the half progressed Team Sequel gained more and more confidence and ended up winning 5 rounds on the harder side, including a 1v3 clutch by cRyp. We’ve switched teams with 7-5 to e404, who then got warmed up and used their opponent’s weaknesses to their advantage. Therefore, they ended up winning the first map with the lead of DiEGO, the end score was 16-8. The second map was even harder for the newcomers. Despite starting in the easier side of uo_Depot, they were not able to deny the rushes from the allies. The sparks at the end were only enough to win 4 rounds out of the 12, dodging 3 match points at the end of the half. e404 set up their axis side in a strong form and sealed the deal in the first round.


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