e9 Enigma storms past OVERIDE

e9 Enigma storms past OVERIDE

In what was expected to be a very close match, e9 takes complete control on Peaks and finishes the match after 6 rounds on Arnhem.

  • Result: 25 - 5
  • Maps: Peaks, Arnhem
  • PotM: Ace

e9 Enigma Lineup:


We have seen three matches between e9 Enigma and OVERIDE this year with two games going to e9 and one to OVERIDE:
Reborn Cup #3: OVERIDE – e9 Enigma 25:19
Christmas Cup: e9 Enigma – OVERIDE 13:10
Fragfest TDM: e9 Enigma – OVERIDE 416:356

In what was expected to be a very close match, stakes were a bit favoring e9 because of the maps selected. After winning pistol bash OVERIDE decided to start as Axis on second map, Arnhem. Wanting to start strong e9 chose Axis on Peaks. Leading the way for e9 Enigma was Ace with 22 kills. With lots of close rounds up to the final seconds, e9 ultimately won all 2v2 battles and finished the Axis side with a perfect score of 12:0. That nothing was working in OVERIDE’s favor was evident after switching sides, where they couldn’t figure out how to defend e9’s balanced attacks to the burned house. Ace was again a top fragger for e9 with 14 kills, followed up by kARMA’s 12 and King’s 11. First map concluded with a 23-1 score.

Second map was just a formality and after a 4-2 score in OVERIDE’s favor the match concluded with a 25-5 score to e9.


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