e9 and FRS clash again for the first time since 2007

e9 and FRS clash again for the first time since 2007

Almost 14 (!!) years have passed since those two teams played official Cup match versus each other. It was in the QuarterFinals of the 2007 ClanBase Winter Cup when FRS squeezed a 21:19 win (Carentan 8:12, Harbor 13:7).

The lineups in that match were King, PrimeEvil, quake, sekular and Z3kO for e9 vs fitz, funze, Panda, SnuRk and Wasted for FRS.

Today we won’t see any of those players, but both teams are bringing a lot of firepower in what should be an exciting match to watch. FRS might be as vulnerable as ever without some of their core players (SnuRk, Hatcherii, Jsons), but they still are the 3-peat Champs and all 5 players bring impressive stats to the table. Let’s look at the match lineups with kills per round ratio for both teams and predictions.

First Recon Squad (65%) e9 Enigma Clan (35%)
xratEd (1.05 kpr) AceDeStampede (1.1 kpr)
dietchi (0.95 kpr) qT* (0.88 kpr)
TjEEEBi (0.88 kpr) KarmA (0.75 kpr)
banksy (0.79 kpr) rapidzjeh (0.72 kpr)
invi (0.56 kpr) RnDll (0.59 kpr)

The game will be streamed live!


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