DREAMTEAM resisted the quick rushes from nG

DREAMTEAM resisted the quick rushes from nG

First map was UO HARBOR, DREAMTEAM started on russian side and DREAMTEAM quickly found out nG put some spicy rushes as german! Very hard to play against. 5-7 for nG.
Spicy rushes on german means even more bigger rushes on the russian side, so it happened. Fortunately, DREAMTEAM was able to retain nG well. 16-8 for DREAMTEAM,

The game ended slowly on uo_carerentan as DREAMTEAM didn’t get in danger. total score 25-12


  • Result: 25 - 12
  • Maps: uo_harbor / uo_carentan
  • PotM: team DREAMTEAM


NESTLE, jtGz, h3lioS, crosk & goRn.


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  1. NG played the uo_harbor really well. Really aggresive both on the german- and the russian side. Alot of pressure on the A bomb. WP guys and next time let the dog out after or before the game!

    Cya around on the battlefield.

    Regards, (2x PotM) Don

    • Oh yea those aggresive rushes on german in alley where stronkk!!

      Hahaha forgot the DOG hopefully he didnt shit all over the living room while gaming. Dont have experience with that but i think it sucks. Would be shitty to clean up (pun intended)


      Protje is OUT

  2. Nice!! Was clean game. Unfortunately I was 1 min to late because of training but bassie got 4 kills with bash LOL. Sick. Then it was backseat gaming for me on harbor ha-ha.

    Nestle was a one man army with a strong rushing team. He doesnt care about the rifle meta, he just spray H.S. long range!! GG and nice game NG!

    • Backseat gaming on League AND on UO the same day. Get your sh** together protje! <3

    • hahahah @X i’m just a BACKSEAT GAMER 4 Life. Just scalling into the playoffs and into the diamond. Normally I was nitro injected turbo machine, this cup & this lol grind: diesel, slow steady backseat gaming all the way

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