Dreamteam beats Darkfall in Tier 1 battle

Dreamteam beats Darkfall in Tier 1 battle

It was a battle between the two tier 1 teams in group A on Wednesday evening as Dreamteam and Darkfall clashed on Railyard and Depot. Darkfall won the first two rounds on Railyard as Axis but Dreamteam managed to bounce back quickly and secured 5 rounds in a row. The score on the first map was a convincing 16-8 for Dreamteam but the keywords for the map was: Close rounds. And lots of them – mainly going in the favor of Dreamteam. On the 2nd map Darkfall showed a promising defense but failed to turn the momentum into their favor when the teams switched sides, leaving the map in a 9-9 score and therefore a Dreamteam victory of 25-17 total.

  • Result: 25 - 17
  • Maps: mp_railyard / mp_uo_depot
  • PotM: Don

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  1. GG guys, very close match! I think Bassie deserved PotM more tho after a strong game on both maps!

    Cya again all on the (battle)fields.

    Mascot Don

  2. Geegee guys!!! not really my match but really nice team play!! BACKSEAT GAMING TO THE FINAL (haha joke)

    What was Don ‘s score on depot?

    • Wait what are you saying? Cant hear you from the top of the scoreboard. CYA!

    • hahahahahaha i mean i just checked the stream from dietchi (which was done really well!!) but i saw your true score haha (we’ll keep it a secret within the team!)

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