Battle of E’s end in e9 victory

Battle of E’s end in e9 victory

E9 and eGz battled it out on Monday evening – UO Depot and UO Powcamp was the maps in what was expected to be a great group A matchup.

  • Result: 25 - 10
  • Maps: UO_Depot / UO_Powcamp
  • PotM: kARMa

The expectations for a quality game was there on Monday evening as e9 and eGz clashed in group A. New additions on eGz from the vCOD community aswell as newcomers on the side of e9 gave away an aroma of high individual skill.

The first map was UO Depot and eGz came out guns blazing on the German side quickly securing the first 2 rounds. With good efforts from the likes of Ace and kARMa, e9 started to find their footing in the match and won the next 4 rounds as British – mainly finding success attacking the south side of the map.

In what looked like an attempt to mix up their tactics and stay unpredictable, e9 started attacking the north side of map where they met a defensive wall from riflers Anglhz and Flash resulting in 3 rounds won from eGz.

As the teams switched side the score was 7-5 in the favour of eGz. That favour was about to change as e9 set up an iron curtain on German leaving eGz with no clear openings to attack. E9 dominated taking 9 rounds in a row before eGz picked up their one and only round on the British side resulting in a 16-8 score when the map was concluded.

Needing 9 rounds to secure the victory, e9 started on the heavy favoured Axis side on UO Powcamp and in the center of the action was Ace – creating havoc on the north side of the map and shutting down the attacks from eGz.

Taking the first 3 rounds of the map, e9 pushed the tempo and started showing aggressive pushes which did get punished at first by eGz who won a round. Even so the aggression continued on the side of e9 and it was rewarded. Leaving eGz with little to no room to breathe Primeevil, kARMa and meGla led the forceful charge, rapidzjeh raining death from the defensive backline and Ace continuing to be a rock at north.

As the score reached 9-2 the game was over and e9 could claim victory in the derby of the e’s.


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