Advanced Game Analysis – stats on how klanm0r managed to beat Dreamteam

In CoD:UO we are used to getting our statistics in the form of the map ending results which shows rounds won, kills and deaths for each individual players. Since these are the only stats that we always see we tend to forget that the game has much more aspects than kills and deaths. With making your own game analysis you are not anymore limited to the earlier mentioned figures it depends only on your creativity what you would like to examine. If someone does it regularly enough it can be a basis to your team tactics for different maps, and by seeing your own numbers you can make sure that it is fully customized to your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Just as a reminder or in case somebody missed the game klanm0r ended up beating Dreamteam 2-0, winning the first map – Carentan – 13-11 (in the allied side 4-8 and then in axis 9-3). Despite the fact that Dreamteam had 88 kills on the first map, klanm0r was able to win more rounds with 9 less kills in total, which backs up my statement that the game is about more aspects. The second map was picked by Dreamteam, but klanm0r started on the easier allied side on German_town winning 7-5 and then collecting 6 rounds on the harder side while only letting 2 rounds for the opponent, 13-7.

It is highly suggested to look at most of the stats on a map by map basis, because there are huge differences between the game styles based on the playing field. One of my favorite statistics, which can revolutionize your view at the game are the entry frags and their effect on the round outcome, so let’s start with it. Seeing the numbers of the klanm0r vs. Dreamteam match we can already make some assumptions.

This is a very common trend in the new era of the game that entry frags are very likely to determine the outcome of the round, and however after the first kill no one can sit back and relax, it is scary to look at how efficiently klanm0r used the entries to their advantage on both maps.

Each and every round there are early fights and trades until a couple of players are left alive and a totally different game starts. On each map and in each round it is different when this point comes, but for consistency matters I have chosen the time point of 1:00 on the clock, or the point of the plant by the allies for the next statistics.

No matter if you had the entry or not, there are plenty of work left to do, and in case your opponent makes it you can still turn it around, however the later stage of the round you have the player advantage(s) the more powerful. It is especially true on a map like Carentan where it is easy to shut down bomb sites and cooperate from the right places in order to use the advantage. This is backed up by the statistics, where out of the 19 rounds when one of the teams had player advantage they ended up winning every round. The perfect statistic dropped down a little on the second map but the numbers are impressive enough to convince us to try and keep the advantage because as mentioned earlier the later it is in a round the more powerful weapon it is.

It was a big decider in the game how klanm0r was able to win more equal situations at 1:00 than their opponent on both maps.

Staying on the same logic, let’s take a look at the round ending situations. Under this statistics I have checked when one of the teams had only 1 player left how was the outcome of the round. There were a couple of rounds where in a 1v2 situation because of a retake or a separate fight the majority of the endgame was in 1v1, those situations I have examined separately.

Klanm0r has shown a very strong mental performance, because they not only won all the long 1v1 situations, they were able to turn around two 1v2 situations on German_town by Explode and Floppy.

Plants used to be one of the favorite activities of the CoD:UO players back in the days when you received 5 points for each planted or defused bombs. Since the point system has been reworked we can sometimes see that it isn’t the priority for many top players anymore, they rather function as a covering person than catching the potential anti-plant/defuse grenade. Can I change your mind after seeing these stats? However, the stat is a little biased by situations when a team plants in 5v1 or 4v1, but in my opinion during those situations the best way to seal the deal is to plant a bomb.

During this match defending the planted bomb was not a strength of the Dreamteam, they might need to take a look at in which situations they are going for the plant, and in which one they are staying a bit more patient to pick up 1 or 2 more frags.

There was another very huge factor in the game, which is building the momentum. Since this cup there are more but shorter timeout options for the teams on each maps, so if in-game you can’t find an answer to your opponent’s winning streak it might be a good idea to literally break it up with a tactical timeout while talking through the tactics with your teammates.

Klanm0r had a 6 winning streak on both maps, while the highest was 3 by Dreamteam, this is where I think they have missed out on a totally legal opportunity, they have only used the timeout because of technical reasons.

It is well known that on most of the maps you have easier and harder sides, depending on the maps how easy the easy side is differing, but during this game we have seen two usually one sided maps. The stats are biased by the fact that Dreamteam didn’t get the chance to play the full 12 round half on German_town allies, but their winning % wasn’t convincing either (2 out of 8 rounds).

Last but not least some individual statistics of the game because I know you all love it, but I am not sharing the usual KPR, DPR and KDRs. To end this article I’m sharing the earlier highlighted very important entry frags in an individual distribution. You can use statistics not only to make your tactics better, but you can define individual roles inside of your team if your examined sample size is big enough.

Collecting data for this kind of statistics doesn’t take long since you can rewatch demos in a higher speed, and many of the games are streamed which makes the process even easier and faster. If you have purposefully rewatched a couple of games you can speed up the process, and after that it is up to you in which style you are presenting it to your teammates.

At the end of the day the rounds won will always be the most important numbers, which we should never forget. But on the way to reach that target there are many more things you can look at rather than just kills and deaths. Sometimes for example on Stanjel the planter player is more important than any of the other teammates, but that is the most dangerous position as well, so it is often to see top tier players with very bad stats.

What do you think was the main reason that klanm0r made the biggest upset since we are back? Do you think you will use advanced game analysis to improve your individual or team game? Comment down below or share your thoughts on discord!

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  1. Interesting read and very professional data analysis there norberto! Yummy for a stats lover like myself.

    Personally I put quite a lot of weight into the entry frag category. If teams should focus on one thing only in terms of stats, that is what will significantly improve their game. Generally your chances to win a round increase with like 20-30% by getting that first frag.

    So what does that mean for this klanm0r vs Dreamteam game in particular? Well as pointed out klanm0r round win conversion after entry fragging is insane. The 2010-2012 FRS team had a round conversion of 82% after entryfragging. Bear in mind this was the best performing team of that era, with a lineup consisting of almost entirely players that thrived in playing the number advantage. I would guess that klanm0r, a tier 2 team with a new lineup and so far already having 4 losses this cup, would average something like 70-75% round conversion on entryfragging. This particular game they had 92% on carentan and 100% on germantown. Through the roof and WAY better then they would normally perform.

    So lets start with carentan. They are winning 11/12 rounds after entryfragging. Their normal average would probably be something like 8-9/12 – meaning they probably win 2-3 rounds less on any given day. As the map ended 13-11 in favor of klanm0r, and they made quite the comeback, you can see quite clearly what a difference this makes.

    Add to that the fact that norberto mentioned: Dreamteam had 9 more kills on carentan. A guideline that often works is that X killdifference split into 5 (5 kills needed to secure a round) would give sort of an idea on how many rounds ahead a team should be. So normally it should have been Dreamteam winning the map 13-11 in terms of how many more kills they had. The fact they didnt, tells us that Dreamteam won their rounds more convincingly and klanm0r won more close rounds.

    One must remember that playoffs is a different beast and its all about bringing that best performance – and beating all limitations. I also dont want to take anything away from klanm0r that did an absolutely fantastic match. However, it must be said, that looking at the stats the win on carentan came in a way that probably isnt sustainable in the long run. There is no way they will keep averaging above 90% entryfrag conversion, and its also not very likely they will keep coming out on top of such many close rounds. Would the same map, between the same teams, and the same scenario happen again Dreamteam would probably win it 8/10 times or something like that. Again, dont wanna take anything away from klanm0r, but thats just data.

    Germantown is a bit different since it was a dominating performance. Sure 100% entryfrag conversion is once again ridicolous, but then again it was a 13-7 map. What we dont see in the data is however how much a map loss affected Dreamteam negatively mentally and klanm0r positively.

    Good thing norberto also brought up the round wins after planting the bomb. Think this is often overlooked, despite the game being Search and Destroy. Sure its not round won just because you get the bomb down, but you’ve gotten far on the road at least.

    Lastly very nice to see the chart over individual entry frag. Had been cool to see also how many fights in total those players took (even though that would show some negative stats, like who lost most entry fights).

    Anyways 10/10 norberto, and more of this please! 🙂


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